Gadkari, Bhandarkar, Mayawati And The Tweeples #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 6, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh:

To keep trending on Twitter for one whole day, you need to do/say something really different/unique. Our Twitter magnets for the day played well on this rule as the tweets kept rolling in by dozens per second. Mahesh Jethmalani and Nitin Gadkari created quite a buzz with the former citing the latter as a potential reason to quit BJP’s National Executive panel. Here are a few fascinating tweets on the same:

@firstpostin: “Mahesh Jethmalani’s letter to Gadkari: ‘I deem it morally, intellectually inappropriate to serve in BJP as long as you are President”

@Akilbbz:Dear #Mahesh Jethmalani. Now that you have realized #Gadkari’s true worth, you might as well leave your father”

@KiranKS: “Full message from Nitin Gadkari was that Vivekananda used his IQ for great things, while Dawood Ibrahim used for bad things. Can’t deny that”

@fakingnews: “Looks like Mahesh Jethmalani e-mailed his resignation letter to media while sent a postcard to Nitin Gadkari.

It was film-maker Madhur Bhandarkar’s lucky day as he not only got a clean chit from Supreme Court on rape charges alleged by newbie Preeti Jain, but also remained trending on Twitter all day. Here’s what Tweeples had to say:

@samitbasu: “Why is Madhur Bhandarkar trending? Is he making a film called Twitter? Is it the story of a woman’s struggle in the seamy online underbelly?”

@convoitised: “Dear supreme court, while at it, you might as well lock Madhur Bhandarkar up for Heroine instead. #facepalm #IndianFashion”

Lucknow High Court was kind to BSP chief Mayawati as all charges against her in the Taj Corridor case were dropped and this became the reason for both Mayawati and Taj Corridor to become top trends for the day. Have a look:

@fakingnews: “Mayawati will not be tried for corruption in Taj Corridor case. Now the only Maya Congress has to worry about is the Mayan Calendar.”

@extremelibran: “All petitions dropped against Mayawati in the Taj Corridor case, she should now celebrate with a cake that looks like herself”

@madversity: “Nitin Gadkari is trending above Mayawati. She may get crushed.”

@vaidehisachin: “Taj corridor case: HC dismisses petition against BSP chief Mayawati, why so?”

The only thing missing in today’s trends was a witty celebrity Tweet on any issue. Come on Celebs! Put your thinking caps, I mean, Funny Bone on!