Google Doodle: When Creativity Meets Fun

Posted on November 15, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Ashima Gujral:

My favourite memory of a Google doodle dates back to the 23rd of May, 2012 (I had to check the archives for the date), when I randomly logged in and found something like keyboard keys instead of the regular Google logo. And suddenly, nostalgic, I wished pressing those keys would produce some music. And voila! My wish was granted. As I randomly explored the doodle and its intricacies with my minimal professional knowledge, the sheer creativity of making something so wonderful delighted me.

A logo taken seriously with the flavour of fun being intact is what describes Google doodle best. An idea which germinated more than a decade ago is now one of the world’s most awaited surprises. In a way, it even binds the entire globe together with its doodles that run across all Google homepages. It is an attempt that successfully brings a smile on everyone’s face and leaves one wondering about its innovation quotient.

The doodles which are now above one thousand in number range from important days in various countries to birthdays of famous and sometimes forgotten people from all around the world. And every doodle is unique in itself. But the basic instinct that sticks is the effort to make one smile; especially on finding the word “GOOGLE” visible in a different way every time. Sometimes in the Indian folk dances or among the Halloween witches, the doodles are a treat to behold.

With help from freelancers to professional doodlers and even contributions from students across the globe, Google has gone all out to bring all the creativity in. And the talent put in is really appreciable. Sometimes, even though we may miss out on minute details, the doodles never fail to catch our eye and give us something different each time. Every doodle leaves you in awe and mesmerised at the abundance of such creative ideas that exist all around us, yet so far from our minds. And sometimes even wishing you could be that good, like in my case.

One of the aspects that I found very interesting is that it is an all new way of learning. For everyone, especially kids, it is the most happening way of remembering dates back in history. Every day, when the kids spend some time to have fun on the internet, they also come across something new and intriguing. And not just that, it also brings to life many forgotten iconic personalities in an unmatchable way. Another commendable effort is the technical talent of displaying multiple homepages in different parts of the world with the dignity and sentiments of each, respectfully maintained.

But dwelling on how the idea of using a logo so innovatively struck its makers almost gives me jitters. But yes the world is worth living only because such innovations keep coming from time to time and give us a breath of fresh air in the monotonous lives we lead. And such an idea, which only generates profits in every sense, be it publicity or tapping and boosting creativity, must only be encouraged in every way.
Way to go google-doodle!