Kasab, Dengue, Rahul And Nitish # Twitter Trends

Posted on November 5, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh:

What is common among Kasab, Dengue and Rahul Gandhi? The fact that they are today’s Twitter celebrities! As soon as it was announced that Ajmal Kasab, the prime convict of Mumbai 26/11 attacks is suffering from Dengue, the deadly disease that took its toll on the great Indian Film-maker Yash Chopra recently, Twitter ran amok with agitated Indians posting snide remarks. Along came Congress Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s infuriating speech live from a Congress Rally held at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan in which he equated FDI with Kargil war, saying Congress supported NDA during Kargil war in 1999 and then further went on to claim that he will bring Lokpal Bill- it’s just the matter of time and Voila! Tweeples fired their tweets associating the three in the most fun manner. Read on:


@sumitsaurabh– “Rahul and Kasab trending together! One is born lucky and other is the definition of luck!”

Film maker Shekhar Kapur- “I completely agree with Rahul Gandhi when he said that those that run the systemare too busy mudslinging each other #Congressrally”

@fakingnews– “Rahul Gandhi’s Kargil quip could make sense in Kerala. A fraction of communist parties didn’t support Congress during 1962 war.”

@rangats“Dear Rahul Gandhi- Do you know how many people died in Kargil war? If you named a single scheme for those soldiers then your words would carry credibility.

@jagdish_mehra — “After Kasab that mosquito is searching for Rahul Gandhi #NationalPeace #Dengue

@rameshsrivats– “Ajmal Kasab has dengue? Oho. By now he’s supposed to be deceased not diseased.”

@cafe_noire-“It would seem judging on my part but the one true blue Indian is that aedes argypti mosquito which bit Kasab.”

Another trending name on twitter was that of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has demanded for a special economic status for the state of Bihar. Little did he know that his comment would land him this way on our favourite Micro blogging website-

@fakingnews“Nitish Kumar logged into Facebook. Top of the page read: “Update Status”. Nitish wrote: “Special” #rehash”

@tinucherian“Nitish Kumar wants “special status” for Bihar. I think every Indian state should try the same. We should ask UN to give special status to India too!”

@madhucchanda11 — “When Nitish Kumar says special status for Bihar; he means that he wants “special” trains from Bihar to Mumbai”