Malala Day, Internet Hindus And Extramarital Affair #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 11, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh:

10th November 2012 was celebrated as International Malala Day after Pakistan’s 15-year old Taliban survivor, Malala Yousafzai. After being shot in the head by Taliban for activism related to women education, Malala has become an inspiration for the entire world. Twitter congratulated the young icon, with several celebrities worldwide tweeting on the day:

Chairperson Tehreek e Tahafuz e Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan – “Today is Malala day for the world. I hope UN will one day announce drone attack victims day too for innocents of #Pakistan”

Barkha Dutt– “World #Malala Day: Never has a symbol stood for so much. So simply. So strongly. The Power of One.”

Actor Louise Jameson – “Malala day today everyone. Let us salute the bravery of this young woman and keep her cause alive. Education for all.”

Noted Indian journalist and author Sagarika Ghose would have never imagined that a term she used in her book would turn out to be the Frankenstein monster created by her. ‘Internet Hindus’ was the top trend for the day, following Ram Chandra Guha’s recently published book on the same ‘brand of people’. Have a look:

@waatho“Al Gore invented the Internet. Not to be outdone, our own Sagarika Ghose went one step further and invented the Internet Hindus.”

@AListRap-“The Internet Hindus will be quick to call anyone who disagrees with them a “Jihadi”. Then I ask them if they even know what “Jihad” means.”

@ShehlaRashid-“Fear is the biggest industry. Fear of terrorism. Fear of Internet Hindus. Fear of China. Fear of Iran. Fear of obesity. Fear of old age.”

Sagarika Ghose: “And how my 2010 term “Internet Hindus” has acquired a life of its own!”

Decorated US military General and the Director of Central Intelligence Agency, David H. Petraeus was forced to resign after an F.B.I. investigation revealed that he had an extramarital affair. Here are some of the reactions he received on Twitter:

@scalzi– “Petraeus probably should have used two-factor identification on his GMail account.”

@theLadyGrantham– “America, what an odd place. Where one advances to the highest echelons for killing thousands, and then is fired for loving one. #Petraeus”

Noted US author and journalist Christina Lamb @christinalamb – “The spymaster, the blond writer chasing him rd warzones, the FBI & some emails – not the new Bond but the demise of Petraeus”