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#NSG, #China And #BJP: #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 23, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

Arvind Kejriwal has a knack of lending a hand to issues of critical political importance. His latest target: NSG commandos and how they continue to live a “pitiable” life as they serve the nation valiantly. Here are a few Twitter reactions this one got as ‘NSG’ remained a top trend:

Arvind Kejriwal– “Ajmal Kasab hanged yesterday. But wat abt those NSG commandos who fought that nite and saved India? They r leading a pitiable life.

Social Media personality Cherian Tinu Abraham“#MoD says #NSG Surender Singh has been paid Rs 31 lakh. He denies it. The bigger question is which “rat” in the system has eaten it?”

@Parasmaniji“After NSG, now the question is – have they left anything, where they not looted money??????????”

Looks like Twitter is getting people into trouble in China. Be warned Tweeple! Looks like one parody tweet could land you in jail in our neighbouring country. Here’s the kind of buzz ‘China’ generated:

@ReallyHighGuy– “Dude, China is like the Chinatown of the world.”

@shivmalik1– “This is far more horrifying than I think we know. China now overtly censoring Hollywood and effectively forcing remakes”

@DavidREdwardsUK– “Hollywood bows to China by making its villains Korean “

BJP demanded an abolition of death penalty in the Rajoana case and remained trending on Twitter:

@Joydas– “So this is Hypocrite BJP wanting to abolish Death Punishment to save Rajaona”

Pritish Nandy“If Walmart came in as Purti Mart would the BJP disapprove? If it came in as Rose Valley Mart, would Mamata disapprove?”

Arvind Kejriwal– “In 2010, Prakash Javdekar of BJP said on a TV prog that BJP wud raise this issue in Parl. Why did BJP forget?”