#QPR, #Harbhajan Singh And #CAG: #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 25, 2012

By Shivangi Singh:

If you are a Football fan, you would probably know by now that QPR has a new chief. Even if you are just not that into the game, you will get the news, thanks to Twitter, as ‘QPR’ remained a top trend:

Gary Lineker– “Same day as statue is unveiled a former player is fired by QPR. How different history may have been had MUFC been equally impatient?”

@RobbieSavage8“So when did Harry get the call from QPR ???????”

@Betfairpoker– “I was going to ask QPR fans what they think of Redknapp, but I don’t know any QPR fans. They may not even exist. They may be an urban myth.”

So, Big deal Harbhajan Singh got replaced you think? Tweeple don’t agree:

@amu_26“India missed Yadav..can’t understand why go bak to cricketers who Hv passed Dere prime.. @harbhajan_singh is d thing of past@bhogleharsha”

@TheUnRealTimes– “Dhoni could have asked Umesh Yadav to bowl off spin instead of replacing him with Harbhajan Singh #IndvsEng”

Actor Sidharth- “This might be one of the last chances for Harbhajan Singh to hold the key to an Indian test win. England in with a plan today…bhajji’s day?”

The spectrum scam gets more confusing by the day as CAG remains trending for yet another day:

@pawandurani– “I pity my nation , where a honest CAG , an army general and others are ridiculed by establishment .Sometime I feel we were better as slaves.”

@Joydas– “If CAG had a Twiitter account, they would have claimed they have 1.76 Lakh Crore Followers”

@fakingnews– “Poor Ramalinga Raju. He could have also asked two PwC accountants to fight among themselves and deflect the attention.#CAG”

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