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Things Indians And Pakistanis Like About Each Other

Posted on November 8, 2012 in Culture-Vulture, Specials

By Waqas Ali:

Yesterday, I saw a question on Quora where someone asked ‘What are some things Indians like about Pakistan and vice versa?’ I added a brief answer from my experience of living in Pakistan and cross border communication.

Here I’m penning them down with photos and brief comment about what we like about each other.

Things Pakistanis like about India:

1. Bollywood:

I remember villagers from nearby areas used to travel to my town to rent a VCR, collection of Indian movies and Chitrahar (a cassette entirely dedicated to video songs.) This is a tiny example, it continues till today. In every bus which has a TV, there is a Bollywood movie which passengers are enjoying.

2. Taj Mahal

It is dream of every Pakistani to visit this place. Why shouldn’t it be?

3. TV Commercials

What an Idea Sir JeeTum Chalo to Hindustan ChalayDimagh Ki Batti Jala Dey… When I or my brother, is watching any Indian TV show, we don’t change the channel instantly when a commercial break comes up, as much as we do while on Pakistani channels. Indian TV commercials are so much fun.

4. Food

Pakistan itself is rich in food variety, but our love for food is bigger than availability. So it is natural for us to look at the Indian Kitchen.

5. Star Plus TV channel

No comment, widely watched by most of the aunties today. Young guys are also getting in.

6. Amir Khan

Love for Bollywood is not limited to movies. We talked about Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, but now Amir Khan has taken the lead in past 7 years.

7. Indian Cricket Batting

Cricket, there is no doubt every living being in both countries is crazy for this game. It is every Pakistani’s dream to having the batting side similar to Indian cricket team. Shouldn’t we?

8. Sikh

There is no particular reason for this love, it is not needed. Sikhs are widely respected in Pakistan for their Punjabi accents, and being obvious.

9. Wildlife

Nat Geo India is one of the most widely watched TV Channels in Pakistan. And it has surely brought the two nations very close to each other. Indian wildlife especially elephants and tigers are missed in Pakistan.

10. Saris

Who doesn’t love them? Pakistani tailors are always seeking to stitch like Indian Saris, because this is what their customers want. I personally love them a lot too.

Things Indians like about Pakistan:

Note: This is distilled from my experience of working at Indo-Pak Peace Media

1. Lahore

Start a discussion with any Indian, and he/she will put the word Lahore somewhere within five minutes. Lahore Lahore Ie… (Lahore is Lahore)… Jinne Lahore Nhi Wekheya O Jammia Ie Nahi. (Who hasn’t seen Lahore, is not really born yet). It is a perfect introduction of the city I live in.

2. Coke Studio

Coke Studio (Pakistan), Facebook page has over 2 million likes just from India. And it is very popular for the fusion of Classic, Jazz and Cultural Music.

3. Hina Rabbani Khar

There is a question on Quora,What are the things Pakistan is significantly better at than India?’ and the top question is this picture; it has got nearly 600 votes too.

4. Khussa & Peshawri Chappal

I already heard from shoe sellers that how much Pakistani traditional footwear are admired by Indians, especially now when Chappal is worn with Jeans. My belief got firmed, when I recently met Sanjeev Bikhchandani of, who was visiting Lahore in September. He too bought Khussas and Peshawri Chappals for his family.

Disclaimer: My startup sells Peshawri Chappals and handmade shoes.

5. Truck Art

Like everyone, Indians are also crazy about the photos of Truck Art of Pakistan.

6. Sindhi Ajrak

Because of its demand in India, Ajrak made a place in the list. Sindhi Ajrak never fails to share happiness, spirituality, peace and culture. All in one. This is the reasons Indians love it too.

7. Food Street Lahore

Whether it is the Indian cricket team visiting Lahore, or you’re a tech guy. Food Street Lahore is a must go place for every Indian in Lahore. Stories from the elders, who have been to the street, play a major role in this decision.

And I have to say, it is perfect combination of Food + Lahore + Culture + Life.

8. Handicraft

Pakistani handicrafts are very well known among all the tourists because of their unique style, approach and making. So they are a must to check among Indians when they’re in Pakistan.

9. Wagah Border

You knew it! This picture tells it all.

10. Northern Areas

K2, The Kaghan Valley, Murree, Neelum and Azad Kashmir are like a new world in this world. These are not just another Hill Station, but you might have your most life changing experience.

[box bg=”#fdf78c” color=”#000″]About the author: Waqas Ali is blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. He is also the founder of HOMETOWN, a startup which sells handmade leatherwears around the world.[/box]