#Zee, #Naveen Jindal And #Kamal Nath: #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 29, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

The dispute between Zee News and Naveen Jindal refuses to die down, after two senior journalists were accused of extortion. Consequently, ‘Zee’ and ‘Naveen Jindal’ both remained top trends of the day. Have a look:

@idshastri26– “Dear Naveen Jindal who is gonna investigate the scam committed by u n ur party, arrest of zee journailists shows you r scared of the truth”

@Joydas– “Sorry Zee News, its not a case of GOI vs Media Freedom, it a Case ofNaveen Jindal Vs 2 Journo’s who tried to extort”

@fakingnews-“Zee TV journalists just wanted to test Direct Cash Transfer scheme from Naveen Jindal. Shameful to arrest them.”

Sucheta Dalal– “Zee’s agarwal claims they were doing a sting without any tapes or cameras! We tape even when its not a sting – 2 get facts right! ROLF”

Zee News: “The arrest of Zee editors is a crude and direct attack on the freedom of the Press: Zee News CEO

@anjani_rai– “I wonder if the policeman asked the Zee News’ reporter after arresting him, “kaisa mehsoos kar rahe hain app?”

FDI Logjam seems to have no end. It’s a drama where a new character emerges everyday. The latest Twitter fad is ‘Kamal Nath’. Here’s how TweetFolks reacted:

@tajinderbagga– “Kamal Nath : Madam Shopping done for today. Sonia Gandhi : What did you buy ? Kamal Nath : DMK , SP & BSP for FDA”

@mediatraitors– “Those who didn’t utter a word while Kamal Nath became a Cabinet minister have a problem with Amit Shah contesting elections!!!!”

@DILIPtheCHERIAN– “Government agrees to vote on #FDI; Kamal Nath to meet Arun Jaitley … And so dear #MP’s it’s back to class now !!”