4 Reasons Why Your Business Advertisement MUST Be On Facebook?

Posted on December 26, 2012 in Business and Economy

By Muhammad Shah:

Facebook has literally turned this world into a global village. People are more than ever social–creating personalized moments, every second. It is being used by everyone to post pictures, update statuses and remember birthdays, plan reunions, support social causes and more through this social network. It has completely transformed the way we interact within communities.


Facebook has opened a completely different arena for advertisers too. Brands now communicate with consumers on a personal level; in fact, they are no more names only ― Facebook has given a life to them. A new gift shop or opening of a restaurant in town, people get all such information on Facebook. And advertising, as influential as it can be, definitely has a role to play here.

Marketing on Facebook is full of benefits, providing a tremendous boost to businesses, worldwide. With over 500 million users, you just can’t ignore it. Following are 4 reasons why advertising on Facebook is an option to consider:

1. More Than Your Target Market

Facebook has millions of people who use their account actively, on a daily basis, and as per some studies; it actually attracts more traffic than Google. With such a vast outreach, enterprises have a golden opportunity to interact with its target market. But here, you have an option of reaching beyond your focus group as well. The demographic-targeting structure allows advertisers to select their market based on factors like demography, likes, people’s inspirations and interests.

2. Budget Under Control

Marketing is an expensive thing for any kind of business or company, but with Facebook, marketers get well thought-out budget options. You can start and stop ads on your page, just by a single click. Few of the most convenient payment methods on Facebook include options like setting daily budgets, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Impression.

3. Unparalleled Feedback

Not only the feedback is unmatched because of the product popularity, Facebook also takes initiatives―shows how well your ad is doing or if there’s anything wrong with the campaign. It identifies areas which can be improved to guarantee better results.

This helps advertisers assess their failures and plan their next endorsement―more effectively, keeping in mind all the flaws of the previous drive. Facebook Metrics is a great tool for improvement in advertising campaigns.

4. Facebook Pages Create Your Identity

Your product page is one of the ways to interact with the masses, on a personal level. You get to know customer reactions through various polls. An effective promotional strategy used today is “share and win”. This raises the product popularity, hence increasing the number of page likes. Moreover, people can post queries demanding your attention. You may even create events and capture more audience. All in all, your page can carry out a number of initiatives, and Facebook presence for every brand is pivotal.

Facebook has really challenged the traditional publicity methods, making it possible even for small businesses to set up a strong place among powerful monopolies. We have witnessed local brands making their way to the market, through advertising―on Facebook.