Dear Manmohan Singh “Ji”, Kya Aap Theek Hain?

Posted on December 28, 2012 in Politics

By Anush Garg:

Jo ho gaya wo bhi ‘theek hai’, jo ho raha hai wo bi ‘theek hai’, aur jo aage hoga wo bhi ‘theek hai.’

The Prime Minister, in order to make his speech on the Delhi gangrape case, had given two time slots: one to Doordarshan and other to the ANI. The Doordarshan team could not make it on time as they got stuck in the traffic (another failure of the government to provide proper infrastructure) and that caused the ANI to telecast his speech live without editing the last bit that showed him saying ‘Theek hai’.


To hide its gaffe, an inquiry has now been ordered by Doordarshan on the reason for the delay and those responsible for it. Hilarious! Now, another Indianised word ‘Theek hai’ has been attached to our everyday language, same as ‘Jugaad’ was, years ago. ‘Theek hai’ accidentally popped out of Dr Singh’s mouth as the whole nation was listening to him

India is fond of statements such as ‘Chalta hai’, ‘Theek hai’, ‘Jugaad’. Everything is Theek for the Jugaad government, which has a chalta hai attitude of its own. The outcome of the elected government is a wooden prime minister who cannot give extempore speeches. I often wonder, does his ‘boss’ write it down for him?

Considering all the yelling on the streets and on social networking sites, thousands of people were asked by the PM to calm down and he said that all possible steps will be taken to ensure women’s security in the country. The winter session of the Parliament is on and it has been over ten days since the 23-year-old was brutally raped, no efforts have so far been made and the promises remain unfulfilled till date. The amendments in the Criminal Procedure Code and other laws helping the women of our country with security are not raised in the parliament. However, it was FDI in retail which was passed by the negotiated ‘majority’ in both the houses of parliament and if I am not mistaken, it was done in a short span of time. This obviously entails money which obviously is more important than our women for the politicians.

In my opinion, if the amendments are made in the criminal procedure and other laws dealing with the rape cases, the first ones to be jailed will be our politicians and MPs. These people in power support the government at the centre, if Congress will take actions and try to amend the laws, it will automatically lose support of its crutches (political parties supporting the government for their own interests).

Two years ago, it was Anna Hazare who led us to a possible brighter side of the world and raised his voice against corruption while we screamed with him. Similarly the government tried all possible delaying tactics and sealed the fate of the Lokpal Bill. And now people have even forgotten about it.

Some recent statements given by MPs and others in responsible positions in the government are given below:

Abhijit Mukherjee, (President Pranab Mukherjee’s Son) a Congress MP, recently gave an extremely damaging statement: “Women giving interviews on TV and showing off their children… What is basically happening in Delhi is something like Pink Revolution, which has very little connection with ground realities.” and his sister quickly came out with a counter-statement to save the grace of the family.

I feel it is not the people of India but the Government that has no connection with the ground reality. A Madhya Pradesh woman scientist said, “Had the girl simply surrendered (and not resisted) when surrounded by six men, she would not have lost her intestines.” What a shame. The statements are an illustration of the habit of these people in power of not even thinking deeply before spiting them out. This depicts how our ‘rulers’ posses a despicable mentality.

It is all about Manmohan Singh’s ‘Theek hai’. If his MPs have democratic rights to come up with such meaningless and stupid statements against protesters and the girl who was brutally raped, then, why don’t we have rights to express ourselves? Why we were banned from the social networking websites to state our views regarding politicians? Why we were not allowed to go to India Gate and protest? Why were nine metro stations leading to India Gate and Jantar Mantar in the capital closed for two days?

I still have trust in the Constitution adopted by us, and also trust the judicial system. However, the politicians are not completely utilizing the power to develop the Indian society, as they are busy with their own political and economic gain game. They say, they are with us, with the commoners. But, in reality, all they believe in is amassing as much power as they can in order to make sure that we are deemed powerless.