Exclusive: How The Police Tried To Save Their Backs By Meddling With Rape Evidence

Posted on December 31, 2012 in Society

What you shall be reading here, will make you question the Indian police authority, in more manners than ever before. As we are all aware, on 21st December, 2012,  a Sub-Divisional Magistrate was  present at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi with the purpose of recording the statement of the rape victim. It was later reported that the Delhi police, allegedly, did not let the SDM record her complete statement in spite of the fact that both the girl as well as her mother were completely willing to say everything under video recording.


First of all it was reported that the victim and the family did not wish to be videotaped. This, was allegedly not true. According to reports received from highly trusted sources, the police did not want this recording to be videotaped, particularly one DCP and two ACPs (as mentioned in the SDM report) because the victim and her friend had said that they had passed a few police barricades but were not stopped by any policemen. Had this been said in the video, the police would have come under scanner, because it is admissible as evidence in the court of law. So, they forced the SDM not to make a video. When she refused to comply, they made the mother of the victim sign on a paper that it was the mother who didn’t want the videotape made.

After this, the Police Commisioner had the audacity to say that the SDM is anti-police and had always been against police actions, even if the police was doing a good job. While the Delhi Traffic Police is known for its Chase and Challan Policy, then why wasn’t the bus stopped while it roamed here and there, even though the traffic police is active in the night. Or is it just for collecting challans? So, should we applaud the police for letting the criminals pass?

While the police report says that it was only three men who took turns in raping her; trusted sources report that the victim clearly said that all the 6 raped her. But why wasn’t it taken down in the FIR?

The Commissioner says that if the SDM was not allowed to do her duties she should not have taken the statement, or had there been any complaints, why did she take 3 days to file the complaint? The main question is not this, the question is, why the police was interfering with the duties of the SDM? Why was a separate questionnaire prepared for the SDM by the police, if they really wanted an independent probe to be conducted?

India is a country where the President, PM, CM and many other prime portfolios are handled by women. When these people go somewhere, the ENTIRE POLICE FORCE is at their disposal. But a common citizen does not have this. Whenever a girl is raped, it is said that she should not have stepped out late at night or should have been adequately dressed. WHY?

Why can’t the police officials in Delhi, or for that matter, in any other state in India, handle their responsibilities without fail? Why can’t they realize the fragility of this task that they have pledged themselves to? How have they so successfully lost the trust people had in them while moving out of their houses? Why can’t a woman be treated as that Indian citizen who needs the same protection as any other for whose safety, they were employed under the POLICE force? Why can’t a woman be safe while even while she passes through the hundreds of checkposts set up exclusively for safety? Why do they believe in removing proofs against their wrong doing rather than running after proofs against the criminals?