#GujaratElections, #Keshubhai Patel And #The Hobbit: #Twitter Trends

Posted on December 14, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

The numero uno Twitter trend of the day was not surprising at all. ‘#GujaratElections’ just had to be it! Here are a few reactions:

@fakingnews– “#rerun: Congress declares Dhokla as their Chief Ministerial candidate in Gujarat … #GujaratElections”

Karan Thapar“Reports : Congress wanted bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan& Salman Khan to campaign against Modi, but they declined#GujaratElections”

@ChachaChawdhary– “If Congress wins the #GujaratElections i wud start listening to Justin Bieber’s songs. :Hardest vow taken so far:”

Taking the election fever one notch up, we had ‘Keshubhai Patel’ trending. Here are a few tweets:

@TOIAhmedabad– “The way people have come out 2 vote shows they r against Modi. Even children understand Modi is a liar: Keshubhai Patel#GujaratElections”

@shikha_srivas– “Why is Keshubhai Patel trending? Has he become “secular” now?”

@chintancshah– “Only one benefit Keshubhai Patel got from this election. He is trending :)”

What is the one movie we have all been waiting for this year? ‘The Hobbit’ is here and how! Twitter remained abuzz on the release in these festive times:

@maddiemaeby“Got a care package from Mom, @johnkrasinski is finally on Twitter, and @TheHobbitMovie comes out at midnight.#THISISTHEBESTDAYEVER”

@rogertheriault– “Maybe worth going to a theater again… “

@amzh87– “Well, @TheHobbitMovie did not disappoint. At all. I felt like I was 12 again, watching Fellowship for the first time again.”