Her Soul Will NOT Rest In Peace, And Here Is Why!

Posted on December 30, 2012 in Society

By Vinay Tewari:

The valiant girl’s will- to survive the savage brutality of her tormentors, had to surrender before cruel hands of death. We all may express condolence on her death and console her family, but we also know that her tormented soul cannot rest in peace and would continue to haunt us for times to come.

I am sorry, young girl, as a member of the society which unleashed these Frankenstein’s monsters on you. They are our own creations and now we, as a society, are unable to put a leash on them. We must take collective responsibility for not being able to protect her. No amount of legislation will help us unless we all make conscious efforts to change our social mindset where manhood is brandished as a weapon and rape is considered as an accepted tool to subjugate women.