#Mayans, #EndofTheWorldConfessions, #GPS Equipped Buses: #Twitter Trends

Posted on December 23, 2012 in Specials

21/12/12 spells doomsday-or did. Now that its over and we know we are alive, we can share a joke or two about it. Twitter was buzzing with activity and #mayans and #EndofTheWorldConfessions were top trends. Have a look:

twitter trends

@pastyx– “#endoftheworldconfessions I actually have brown hair, I dye my hair so people have someone to make fun of and make themselves feel better.”

@_COOLSTORY– “#endoftheworldconfessions Sometimes, when I’m bored, I crawl into a dark corner and pretend I’m a potato.”

@TeganGoodson– “That awkward moment when we don’t die and everyone is stuck with their #endoftheworldconfessions

@imondesiro-“#mayans pulled off the biggest “Punk’d” moment in history.”

@KidSuave– “I’m pretty sure the #mayans got high and too lazy to finish the calendar”

@RoFloESPN– “Somewhere there are a group of #mayans having a big laugh at our expense.”

Home Secretary R.K. Singh’s statement about having all public transport buses GPS equipped got him quite a reaction on Twitter:

Prasanto K Roy —“So we can see live on Google Maps where all the rapes are going on? RT @firstpostin: RK Singh: There will be GPS in every bus, auto.”

India First- “Is this RK Singh really a Home secy of India ? …he talks like a numbskull”

@jemin_p– “If RK Singh is Home Secretary || I just dont feel unsecured for fellow women citizen, but entire Indian population and India as a whole”