#RIP Nirbhaya, #Singapore: #Twitter Trends

Posted on December 30, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

The unfortunate death of the Delhi gang-rape victim led to much outrage on twitter and ‘RIP Nirbhaya’ and ‘Singapore’ remained trending.


Sonam Kapoor-Please don’t let her tragic death be in vain. RIP nirbhaya”

HT Brunch“National Shame Day – December 29 #RIP #RIP Nirbhaya #DelhiGangRape”

@souravduttahere-“She has woken up an entire Nation to the brutality & injustice against women. Hope her death will not go in vain. RIP #Nirbhaya”

@dhume01– “Ugliest part of this ugly affair: reports that India’s government sent the girl overseas to die for purely political reasons. #RIP Nirbhaya”

@CallMeSid– “She didn’t die of a ‘multi organ failure’ but by a ‘MultiSystemFai-lure’….RIP #Nirbhaya”

Subramanian Swamy– “We need to access the Singapore autopsy report on ‘Nirbhay’, to ascertain what injuries were inflicted on her and the exact time of death.”

@aneeshb– “Someone send our PM to Singapore for a transplant. High time he got a pair.”

Karan Thapar– “The rapists dumped her on road. The govt dumped her in Singapore. What’s the difference?”

Rajiv Makhni– “Airlifting her to Singapore was a Political, not a Medical decision”

Shobhaa De– “Nirbhaya – fearless daughter of India.R.I.P. Dirty games played by Delhi politicians.Flying critical girl to Singapore was just an eyewash”

Youth Ki Awaaz reiterates the nation’s prayers. May her ‘Nirbhay’ soul rest in peace.