#StopThisShame, #Delhi: Twitter Reactions For Rapists, Delhi And The Governance

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

The appalling rape incident of a 23-year old in Delhi has put entire nation to shame. ‘#stopthisshame’ trended for all the right reasons. Here’s a glimpse into the emotions tweeple poured out:

twitter trends

@NotthatMP– “One rape is a tragedy, a 1000 a mere statistic. #StopThisShame

@shantanudhankar– “No point in worshipping goddesses if you live in a society which can’t even respect and protect women #StopThisShame

Sagarika Ghose– “Why is our system failing to protect women?Why doesn’t judiciary act?Attack after attack on women,still no action.FTN 10.30pm #stopthisshame

@SeaGaga– “In a country where the CJI suggests marrying rapist we are confused about the concept of deterrence leave aside worded laws! #stopthisshame

@archanavijaya– “Actions speak louder than words! Hang those B**tards! #StopThisShame

‘#Delhi’ was another top trend for the same reason. Here are few dedicated to this hash-tag:

@RooneyKhosla– “I feel violated. In my own city. Each time I read this kind of news.Everyday when we’re harassed on the roads.Are u hearin our voice? #delhi

@firstpostin– “Jaya Bachchan: Instead of saying that I “will try” the Home Minister should have said “I will” stop the rape cases. #Delhi #gangrape

Preeti Shenoy– “The worst thing about rapes is even educated men ask “what was she wearing’ and ‘why was she out so late’ Deplorable. #delhi #rape

@KhuranaPrateek– “I will be really happy if the police hang the four caught before they find the other two who they should kill in an encounter. #Delhi #Rape

@KadambariM– “Problem really, is that #Delhi, like parts of UP & Haryana, has a culture of disrespecting women, a chauvinism scarier bcoz it is so casual.”

@SonicaSunderram– “No knights in shining armour for Indian damsels in distress. Rather, they should be walking around in armour themselves, no? #delhi.”

We at Youth Ki Awaaz sincerely wish the victim a speedy recovery. May she live to see her offenders behind bars.