#Sushma Swaraj, #IIT coaching And #HIV: #Twitter Trends

Posted on December 3, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh: 

Sushma Swaraj is the latest trend on Twitter after her comment saying Narendra Modi is the best candidate for the PM’s post. Here are a few tweets:

Diptosh Majumdar– “This statement from Sushma Swaraj agreeing that Narendra Modi ws ready to be the Prime Minister is pretty significant”

@meenakandasami– “Physical fitness certificate’s been provided. Ah! “@the_hindu: #Modifit to become PM: Sushma Swaraj”

@rainy_leone– “Sushma Swaraj —-> MODI WILL MAKE A GOOD CANDIDATE: dr. sheldon cooper —-> THIS IS Y I NEVER GET THE HANG OF SARCASM

Since IIT coaching now begins at the tender age of 12, Tweeple had a lot to say about the issue:

@nameless– “The reason why we won’t have an Indian version of Junior Masterchef is because all kids have already been sent to IIT coaching. #IIT”

@rajananusha– “IIT coaching at 12. Burn out from stress by 13. Therapy at 15. Pothead & lead vocalist in rebellious & politically-incorrect rockband at 17.”

@Old_Monk60– “Parents crazy about sending their young kids to IIT coaching = Parents crazy about sending their young kids to reality shows#SameGuys”

1st December is marked as World’s AIDS Day. HIV remained trending even a day later:

@HldmynutsNshtup– “They say usually ppl only get tested for HIV/AIDS but ppl can always have something else that they can’t find doing HIV/AIDS testing”

@KrisMeetsWorldd– “so theres a show om mtv now about Being HIV positive? What wont they put on tv”

Mia Farrow-HIV/AIDS in America: 26% of new infections occur in 13-24 yr-olds 60% of youth living with HIV don’t know they’re infected.#WorldAIDSDay”