“This Is All Very Embarrassing”: An Open Letter To The Government Of India

Posted on December 23, 2012

By Pallavi Kaushal:

Dear Government of India (GoI),

I say GoI, because as a young Indian, I am unsure who my leader is and so I am unsure who to address this letter to.

But getting straight down to the situation at hand, I am boggled by your handling of the entire incident and the situation that has unfolded. It tells me that my Government is complacent and has become arrogant in its power, that it has stopped responding to the calls, demands and needs of its citizens.

As a person, who feels dearly for the cause, but also deeply for the well being of the city that she lives in, I have some advice, which I can only hope you’ll listen to if not heed:

1. Get a new communication strategist – whoever is advising you right now, DOES NOT have the country’s and therefore YOUR best interest in mind.

2. Appoint a single point of contact to the Press – Instead of having five different people, i.e. Mr. Shinde, Ms. Dikshit, Mr. Khurshid, Ms. Chaudhary and sporadically Ms. Gandhi and her son, have one person who is communicating with the city’s citizens and therefore the PRESS to avoid adding fuel to the madness.

3. Word of caution: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR POINT OF CONTACT IS PREPPED so he/she don’t make ludicrous statements and make a spectacle out of the government and spark more outrage.

4. MAKE PUBLIC A PLAN OF ACTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Speak to women’s rights groups and organizations that work on safety issues. ‘Cut through the crap’, you are politicians, isn’t this your job?!?!

Here are some things you (probably know) but should understand:
The management of the country should develop faith that we citizens, picked the right representatives, not erode it.

1. STOP NOW this bumbling ‘we-don’t-know-what’s going on’ charade or EVEN give the hint that you don’t have ANY clue about how to handle the situation. Again, it shows poorly on us, the citizens who have elected you.

2. The outrage is legitimate – it is not political conspiracy – it may turn into one if you don’t pay heed to the outrage of your electoral.

Finally, here are my questions:
1. What is your plan? What do you hope to achieve?
2. Why is it so hard to come out with a statement that lays down the plan of action? Immediate and long term strategies.
3. Why is it so hard for the GoI to behave like a government concerned for its citizens?

I did not vote for a group of dysfunctional people who claim to call themselves seasoned politicians. Your actions are irritating and frustrating and so short sighted, which proves that as a group of people you no longer have the tenacity to govern this country, but know there is no one else who can take it forward.

One last inane point, people, like me, want to enjoy the holidays with their family and friends. People want to usher in the New Year with happiness. I don’t think you care. Get your act together. This is all very embarrassing.

A concerned, frustrated and highly embarrassed Citizen.


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