“To Reach The Stars”, Quite Literally: About The Creator Of Project Infinity, Manu Sharma

Posted on December 27, 2012 in Inspiration, Sci-Tech

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Manu, a Kairos Society fellow has 2 patents in vertical axis wind turbine and advanced wing morphing control system. Manu created Project Infinity and launched a camera to space and photographed stars (over 2,300 HD pictures) and Venus in the daylight from 100,000 feet in -40 Celsius and almost vacuum environment, all under 200 US $.

Manu Sharma

Manu founded Nuovo Wind, a vertical axis wind turbine, developed through research conducted by Manu and his faculty at university. Nuovo Wind’s technology provides a generator optimized for gusty and variable direction winds coupled with a controller that optimizes utility bill savings and reduces peak power demand. Nuovo is a start-up focused on providing ultra-low cost wind energy solutions and was selected for the Start-Up Chile program (among the 110 companies selected from around the world, for this $40,000 equity free grant program)

Manu also co-founded Infinity Aerospace which has developed ArduLab, an open source scientific research platform to be used on research platforms for International Space Station and Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two. Infinity Aerospace has received seed funding from NanoRacks and technical assistance on complying with NASA space station safety requirements to create an open source, easy to use NanoLab. The platform created will enable students and researchers to literally “plug and play” with sensors and other technology for conducting valuable scientific research on the International Space Station.

Manu grew up exploring- literally, having a lab at home where he spent his childhood building film projectors, opening radios and engineering equipment mixing chemicals and peeling leaf and dissecting small insects only to see them in microscope. In his own words- he dreams of taking a spaceship to outer space and never return back to earth.

Manu is currently pursuing Graduate study in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at Stanford University.

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