‘Yuva’ In Social Activism: Why It Won’t Work Without Youth Participation

Posted on December 13, 2012 in Specials

By Ojaswini Srivastava:

India happens to be the world’s largest democracy. So naturally, it is prone to social, economic, political uprisings on a frequent basis. Moreover India has an extensive social domain that often paves the way for social unrest. Recently India has gone through a massive social movement led by Anna Hazare that has immensely proved how powerful a democracy we are.


In the 21st century that we are a part of, this world is rising with great pace, in all areas- political, social, technological and economical, and so is India. But, India’s greatest concern has always been its social diversity and that brings to question the various changes that we require on the social front.

Today the most powerful weapon with India is its youth that is dynamic, powerful, educated and logical. They have a sufficient amount of exposure which enables them to think rationally, plan practically and act in the right manner. Therefore the youth’s participation in all forms of social causes is inevitable.

India is trapped in certain prejudices like casteism, patriarchy, female foeticide and malpractices like corruption, bribery, forgery etc. and it is high time that the commoners wake up and keep a check over all of this. Instead of merely waking up, we need to bring a complete end to these issues. And the best out of all of this could be made by nobody else but the youth. Since a majority of the Indian youth is well educated and aware, they are certainly the most capable ones right now. Moreover they have fresh, energetic and competitive minds and an intense will to curb all evils plaguing the country and be at par with the most powerful countries of the world.

But merely curbing the evils will not do, need of the hour demands growth as well, i.e. educating and developing those human resources (the uneducated youth) who can be a great contribution towards the development of our society. This again, could be best achieved if the educated youth volunteer.

The political scenario in India is unfortunately such that least number of people in power are youngsters, and so is their way of functioning. They work according to their norms that lack vigour and versatility. Whereas, the contemporary society needs several changes and these can be brought about only when the old barriers are broken, crossed out and coloured afresh.

The Indian youth has not only the ability but also the readiness and spunk to make these changes. Their fledgling minds have rebellious ideas and the determination to bring about transformation in the social set up of India. Thus, the various nuances of power that the Indian youth holds make it a compulsion that they participate enthusiastically in social activism. It is the need of the hour and the youth must understand and move towards it.