10 Movies That You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss In 2013

Posted on January 6, 2013

By Nidhi Sinha:

One of the exciting prospects of a new year— keeping aside the clichéd new beginnings and new resolutions —is new movies! For a movie buff, at least, it would be safe to say so. 2012 gave us a fairly good number of memorable movies, with the likes of The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and later The Hobbit shining through in the list. This year looks equally, if not more, promising. In the list of must watch movies we have sequels and adaptations, some of them desperately awaited. Then there is good old Bruce Willis, an emphatic presence in 2012 movies, and Johnny Depp with his inexorable charm. What’s not to like?
The wait, maybe.

Iron Man 3


Tony Stark is back, with vengeance in his heart. The hero of this wildly popular Marvel Comic series will return to seek out and destroy those who plundered his private life, and later take on his most formidable enemy yet: the Mandarin. Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, this one is definitely the number one movie to watch out for.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

the hobbit

After the initiation of the epic quest of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, one can only anticipate the arrival of its following half. This half of the story will see the end of The Dwarfs’ journey to get their gold back off the dragon, Smaug. The penultimate movie in a three part series, it is sure to draw a lot of viewers.

Gangster Squad

Layout 1

Who can resist a movie starring Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling as the good guys shooting out the mafia in the rustic yet classy backdrop of the 50s? It has to be mentioned that the trailer of this movie would set your heart racing, with potentially amazing cinematography and background score. Add to that a brilliant star cast, and you have a must-watch movie.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino. Do we need say more? The ingenuity of this director-writer has produced brilliant results in the past, repeatedly. So it would be foolish to assume a state of ennui when it comes to his movies. Starring Christopher Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie guarantees a promising plot and excellent performances. The movie is yet to release in India, although it is out in the US.

The Lone Ranger


This grand, epic adventure starring the unmatchable Johnny Depp promises to be a great watch for the summer. A non- traditional rendition of a traditional story (The Legend of the Lone Ranger, released thirty three years ago) from the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, this movie features the greatest train chase sequence ever filmed. Also in store is plenty of action and grandiose cinematography.

The Great Gatsby


The cinematic rendition of the Fitzgerald classic was set to release in July 2012, which makes it all the more an awaited film for viewers. For the Indian audience, there is an extra treat in the form of Amitabh Baachchan who plays the role of Meyer Wolfsheim in the movie. Leonardo Dicaprio plays the millionaire Jay Gatsby, and the movie follows his life times.

A Good Day to Die Hard


Bruce Willis rarely disappoints. In this action thriller, he sets out to seek his son in Russia, only to discover that he is a CIA operative involved in disbanding a nuclear weapons heist. A must watch for action lovers and all Bruce Willis, though this would just be one in a string of movies in the year surely.

300: Rise of an Empire


Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel Xerxes, this movie is the prequel to the blockbuster 300 (released 2007). It is told in the same visually breathtaking style of 300, and so guarantees a worthwhile movie experience. This chapter of the epic saga transpires on a new battlefield, the sea, as Greek general Themistokles battles the invading Persian forces to keep them at bay.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


More Frank Miller for you. A sequel to the 2005 hit Sin City, based on Frank Miller’s graphic comics of the same name, the movie follow the return of an earlier flame of Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen’s character), Ava and its consequences in the black & white and red city. Rest assured that this neo-noir crime thriller would entertain and entrance, just like its prequel.

The Hangover Part III


The third and final film in the mega hit comedy franchise could potentially be the comedy film of the year. The ‘Wolfpack’ hit the road again, and inevitably, something is bound to go wrong, for the benefit of us viewers. Laughter riots are guaranteed with the famed Hangover starcast of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and John Goodman.

So there you have it, ten good reasons to look forward to 2013! Let’s hope they turn out to be as good as expected, shall we?

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