10 Resolutions Indians SHOULD Make For 2013

Posted on January 4, 2013 in Specials

By Pratik Mantri:

December end is generally the time when people start to ponder about the year gone by — the achievements, the failures, the highs, the lows, the people who support us during the lows, the good times shared, some bad memories, things to fall back on for a bout of laugh, political events, changes in economy of the country, sporting heroes, new friends made, people who leave this world and what not, the list is endless. Come January, most people start to make some New Year resolutions to bring about some changes in their lives. Though these resolutions are broken within a very short span of time, it doesn’t stop people from making those resolutions again or trying hard as long as possible to carry on with the resolution made.

Here are 10 resolutions which Indians should make for 2013 in order to realize our dream of seeing our country as perfect and flawless.


1. “Stay Positive and optimistic most of the times”.

There is a lot of despondency filled in hearts of people for reason I’ve not been able to decipher till now. Every second day you see people bashing sportsmen, politicians and others on the web and in public life. Constant criticism does no good. There is a lack of patience which is driving people to criticize anything and everything. When something good happens we instead of being happy about it tend to say that it was just a flash in a pan. Want this situation to turn into something nice to fall back on.

2. “Indian Men Should Stop Seeing Women as Second Class Citizens”.

We talk about gender equality, no discrimination between boy and girl etc. But in stark contrast, our country has cultural values which grossly undermine the ability and skill of women. They are not appreciated most of the times, assaulted both physically and mentally, humiliated by hypocrite and chauvinistic men who are the products of patriarchal system. The recent events reflect a sad tale which has raised serious concerns about the safety of the fairer sex. I am ashamed as a son, brother and the foremost as a citizen to have witnessed such an onslaught on females. This has to stop. Without a woman in our life we are nothing less than egomaniacal morons running around here and there. To me that says it all.

3. “Substantially reduce the pollution levels in our cities”.

The pollution levels in our major cities have reached a crescendo; something needs to be done to address that issue. A collective and co-ordinated effort from citizens and government officials will help. Sharing a car with you colleague or with your neighbour, using public transport once a week, promoting activities that protect the environment are some of the measures that assist in reducing the pollution levels in our cities.

4. “Reduce corruption and graft in normal day-to-day life”.

India, to say the least, is a cesspool of corruption. The thought of stamping down corruption, deep-rooted in the fabric of the Indian society, has been beaten to death in many a film that depicts a hero valiantly fighting against the evils of corruption and its perpetrators. More often than not, it is violence that showcases itself as the solution to root out corruption. But in reality it is the duty of every citizen to challenge corruption. And there can be a way to improve the overall efficiency by maintaining high standards and adhering to those. The mindset of the people has to change otherwise all the measures would succumb to this malady.

5. “Ensure greater safety and security for children, women and the aged”.

The crimes against women and elderly have been on the rise since last few years there is an urgent need to provide safety for them. Proper police patrolling and a good conviction rate will help in reducing these crimes. It is our moral duty to protect anyone when something wrong is happening if we adhere to this then crimes will be on the decline.

6. “Improve the overall work efficiency”.

Many employees of the reputed companies often indulge in some time-wasting tactics during the work hours. I agree that they need some time to recharge them but many times to which statistics bear testimony that Indian people working their own country are less efficient than those working abroad. So, if we can raise the bar for ourselves it would also enhance the economy of our country.

7. “Say a big NO to smoking, tobacco and other such addictive habits”.

Smoking is a big menace in our country be it urban India or rural for God knows how many years. It is very sad that many of our youngsters start smoking at a young age and then in middle age they turn into chain smokers. Metropolitan cities are seeing a spurt in demand for cigarettes which is very disturbing for me personally. Tobacco and pan masala are catalysts for getting an early death because of mouth cancer caused by those two products.

8. “Maintaining good fitness levels”.

There is an old adage which says “Health is Wealth” to which I agree to the core. Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man. Studies show that it reduces the risk of some cancers, increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure, and even improves arthritis. In short, exercise keeps you healthy and makes you look and feel better. A fitter population would always do wonders for the country.

9. “Learning new things and acquiring new skills”.

Learning new things helps us evolve constantly, and only makes us richer and more knowledgeable, so learning a new language or activity is a good idea, not only does it keep things interesting but also helps you acquire new skills that can come handy at any point of time. So, new skills add a new dimension to our CV and in this dynamic business and economic environment it would be very handy.

10. “Driving safely and inculcating a proper method to it”.

Indian Cities have become very difficult for driving anything. There is a rat race going on everywhere. Over speeding and drunk driving are common happenings here. Helmets have been made mandatory but barring a few people I seldom see anyone wearing that. Underage driving is also rampant which has made matters worse. The traffic sense has deteriorated and accidents have increased many folds. Many youngsters with inflated egos create problems with their zig zag style of driving.