13 Things We Should Definitely Do In 2013

Posted on January 1, 2013 in Specials

By Tanaya Singh: 

Youth Ki Awaaz wishes you a very very happy new year. Its that time of the year that is filled with hope and lots of merriment.  Hope that the candles we lit last year will spread light and help us be AWESOME throughout this one. So here’s a list we compiled for you, of things we all should definitely do this year. Have fun. 

1. Be grateful you got a chance to enter 2013. Smile and for a day let the optimistic side in you do the all the talking.

2. Remember 2012 as the year that brought us together to fight for a cause. But also remember the reasons we had to fight, and the reasons why the fight must continue.

3. Rant less. Do more

4. Take a day off on your birthday.

5. For all those who thought 13 is an unlucky number for you, this is your best chance. Prove it wrong. But prove it to yourself. Go get lucky.

6. Definitely dance in the first rain of year. Even if you did it last year. Even if you think the drainage system is not good enough and streets are “oh so tacky“. Its raining and today the drains can’t be magically repaired because you bothered to suddenly care. Just dance. (Or walk 🙂 )

7. Then, when you know how clogged the street gets during rains, go do something for the cleanliness of your city. Maybe tell the neighbour not to dump his/her garbage on the street. “You throw it at the right place and then say ‘hello’ to Mr. friendly neighbour who emptied his bin on the street?” Naah! That’s not what I was talking about.

8. Work hard. But please remember, you wouldn’t have wanted to be in your cubicle if the world came to an end on 21st December, 2012. So take out an hour or two to work for yourself.

9. Go share a chocolate with your love if you were too busy last year to even share a smile. And if you weren’t, its awesome. Love like never before this year.

10. Bake a cake for your mother/father/grandmother/grandfather, any elder or family member, who might be waiting for you. Even if its a Flinstone style, rock solid one, they will love you for it and they’ll remember it the whole year. 

11. Learn that thing you always wanted to learn. Spanish, Chinese, pottery, driving, swimming or maybe how to wear a Saari/dhoti. Don’t pretend you have no time for what you want.

12. Listen to yourself.

13. Continue being with us and loving us the way you always do, by sharing your views and always speaking out for the right.   

Have a great year ahead :) 

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