Dear Abhijit “Mocker-ji”, The Only Thing Which Seems ‘Dented’ Is Your Misogynist Mindset

Posted on January 3, 2013 in Politics

By Shruti Kesavan:

This New Year I know exactly what I need to gift Mr. Abhijit Mukerjee- a dictionary for reasons that are quite obvious. First he puts into use his Psychology 101 classes to determine the mindset of the protestors, and then gives a not-so-apologetic, “unconditional apology”. What really is an unconditional apology Mr. “Mocker-ji”? Solidarity is something the man just doesn’t seem to understand. It seems to me as if he misunderstood the term solidarity for narcissism and makes it a session on his take and his views on the protestors. It’s high time we all do charity on this joyous occasion and donate to the “help teach Abhijit da fund”. At least then hopefully, he would measure his words before making inappropriate comments.


To the many of us who might not know who the man of the hour is, he was the brave heart and the spokesperson of ‘male chauvinistic‘ party. When the whole country was praying for Nirbhaya’s survival and demanding capital punishment for the rapists, this man appeared from nowhere with his dented and painted comments. He mentioned in his interview to a vernacular news channel “those who are coming in the name of students in the rallies, sundori, sundori mahila, highly dented and painted”. He went on to share his gyaan by saying “students who go to discos cannot hold candle light vigils”.

Respected spokesperson, who gave you the right to decide what’s right and wrong? I hope you understand that your father’s power does not transcend from him to you. You clearly seem to be the ‘special child‘ of your family and hence we shall try to deal with you with utmost care. By that I don’t mean to break into your house or blacken your face (even though you deserve it). I just innocently intend to throw you into a room where all these pretty women will be waiting for your darshan and would be “educated on how to handle you” by our very own Mr. Arnab Goswami. Hopefully that would straighten you left, right and centre. I wonder how you would react in this situation. Afraid much?

Withdrawing your statement happens to be one of your strong points I’d believe, as you clearly mentioned in an interview that you withdrew your statement simply because it had hurt the sentiments of the women and not because you felt you were wrong. It’s high time you bought yourself a much needed spine and learn to stand by your words even when cornered by beautiful women rather than sit sheepishly unable to face the glare of the painted women who would really like to dent you in more ways than possible. Seriously sir, I would suggest you have your baba’s number on speed dial as it seems you would really need it. I wonder what your daddy would have to say about your comments. Maybe you would need to change the number on speed dial to 100 after all. Last resort I’d assume.

I must praise your courage and guts, coming from the land of Durga Maa and knowing well what a woman can do if angered, you still dared to challenge her. Did you mistake the press conference for an audition for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’? I honestly won’t be surprised. Well the good news is you did get selected, so, get ready to be whipped and tossed around like a bunch of sheets going down the paper shredder. Best of luck with your new endeavour. I hope you come out just right!

Joining his party are others like Banawari Lal (BJP, MLA) of Alwar Rajasthan District who comes about with a smart suggestion to curb sexual abuse saying the dress code in schools for girls should be changed from skirts to trousers and shirts. Yes sir, your expert advice has been heard. But what about 5-year-old children and 60- year-old women who are still being raped? Trousers and shirts for them too? Must appreciate your keen eye for detail and comprehension of the issue and even better, your smart solutions for these issues. And for the last time sir, clothes don’t rape people do.

When most of us felt proud about how India across its length and breadth, was united to fight to bring justice for Nirbhaya, we had Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde comparing the protestors to Maoists. In which parallel universe did you draw this inference sir? Please feel free to take time and enlighten us on your newly acquired worldly wisdom.

To add to the number of ‘special’ politicians we have was Botsa Satyanarayan (Transport Minister, Andhra Pradesh) who offered his valuable opinion saying it would be best if the girls would not travel late at night in buses. Indeed an excellent suggestion and I’m only hoping he is coming up with his own ‘safe’ travel agency or special funds for those girls who happen to be the sole bread earners for their families or for those who work in BPO’s or in other such graveyard shifts.

We also had Mr. Salman Khurshid supporting the Congress’ spirit of forgive and forget with respect to Mr. Mukerjee’s statement saying “we should talk about good things and if someone realises his mistake, he should be supported and shown the right direction”. I have just one question with respect to this. Would his approach be the same towards the rapists or terrorists if they accepted their mistakes? This only shows us the refection of the growing sexist bias among the Indian politicians- the leaders of our country indeed.

Not only do we make them our leaders with our valuable votes, we allow them to sit in their AC rooms and pass loose comments on any issue that they wish. Since we have already made them our leaders, let us do them another favour and really teach them the difference between the right and the wrong. When it comes to Mr Mukerjee, if you don’t have a name for yourself its fine, but at least safeguard your family name and do not make your sister and father apologise for your loosely put opinions.

Please do use the money sent in for the “help teach Abhijit da fund” for something more productive like English classes or Communication classes, rather than using it for your appetite for sondesh, rossogullas and inappropriate comments.