Had The World Ended, This Is What The “New” World Would Be Like

Posted on January 2, 2013 in Specials

By Tanmaya Raj:

The world did not end in 2012, many of us got the chance to say ‘Boo-yah!’ to Fate and many were left with a slight disappointment that things are going to continue the way they have been. I’d take this chance to paint a new world that ‘ought to be’ had the world ended.

new world

It should have been a place free from corrupt politicians, a place where the decisions of the political leaders should have been governed by patriotic spirit, and not by money or selfish interests. The political scenario of the new civilization should have been a clean and progressive one, where only deserving and qualified people would have the power to control not only their own countries, but the entire world. In this new world, the real meaning of the term ‘Democracy’ would have been understood by the common man, and implemented by the political leaders. Had the world ended, better governing bodies would have made the new world a much better place.

In the new world there would be strict guidelines to be followed and qualifications to be met, by all political aspirants. A detailed scrutiny and screening of the candidates would be carried out, so that only the most deserving people reach the position of governing the country. The screening would filter out the corrupt candidates, especially those holding any sort of criminal record. This would ensure a better set of political leaders. In addition, the elderly people, who deserve to sit at home, would be sent back to their homes, where they belong, and the power would be handed over to young enthusiasts, who are driven by the zeal to make their countries and the world a better place.

The leaders, once chosen through strict and stringent means, would not only improve the political scenario, but also ensure that sincere and practical plans are designed and implemented for the welfare of the common citizens. As they would not be corrupt and greedy, they would make good and wise use of public funds to improve the basic infrastructure and living conditions in the country. Money, instead of lying dormant in Swiss Banks, would be actively utilized in educating the masses, so that the common people would be more aware and make wise use of their power of voting.

The new educated world would not only have humanitarians as politicians, but also wise and socially responsible citizens. Since the people would be literate and judicious, they would understand the uselessness of rivalry among various nations. Their patriotic spirit would extend far beyond the realm of their nations, and the entire world would be considered as one. Thus, the vast amount of money spent on weapons, military, and settlement of disputes, would be spent on more important things, like the eradication of poverty, thus making the new world more beautiful and humane.

All this and more would have been achieved only by improving the political scheme of the new world. Improved governance would have led to a series of events that would have created a positive, dynamic and corruption-free world. Though it sounds as heaven, it would not have been impossible to make a fresh start to turn the new world into heaven, as compared to the hell that we presently dwell in.

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