#Karunanidhi, #Eden Gardens, #Dawood: #Twitter Trends

Posted on January 4, 2013 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh:

M. Karunanidhi drops hints of being succeeded by his son Stalin and made news. Here are the reactions he got on Twitter:


Ramesh Srivats– “Right. So it’s official. MK Stalin succeeds Karunanidhi. It’s called issue based politics.”

Madhavan Narayanan– “Q: Why do they say Karunanidhi has a great sense of humour? A: What he said today will have his party in splits”

@jitengajaria“So Karunanidhi says Stalin to manage DMK affairs after him…. Hmm, who will be managing Karuna’s affair?”

India lost by 85 runs in the second ODI at Eden Gardens, Kolkatta. ‘Eden Gardens’ kept trending with the following results:

@emclub– “And that was the quickest evacuation of 100000 people in the history of Eden gardens”

@desi_DaVinci– “11 men raped at eden gardens.. Which govt. is responsible for this??”

@ShivAroor-Being at Eden Gardens right now must be like being locked into an iMax theatre with a stack of Uday Chopra DVDs.”

Miandad is being treated as a state guest while many question if this strategy would help India get clues on Dawood Ibrahim. ‘Dawood’ was a top trend of the day:

Rahul Kanwal– “Miandad can be good source of info on Dawood. Instead of honouring him as a state guest, India should question him on Dawood’s whereabouts.”

@ajith27– “This whole Miandad episode is missing Dawood for the trees”

@aurbolo– “Not sure why Javed Miandad need visa to come to India when his relative Dawood Ibrahim can send people to India without visa”