Love Shopping? Let Personal Shoppers Make Life Easy For You

Posted on January 29, 2013 in Alternative Careers

By Shubhra Kukreti:

“No babe, not today. Why don’t you come for the match with me?”

“Oh yes, you toss away my shopping plans and you think I’ll come for that utterly boring cricket match of yours.”

Cursing my boyfriend, I dial my best friend’s number. Apparently she too is out of station. Now who else do I bother to assist me with my shopping? I can pick clothes for others but when it comes to shopping for the self, it is a constant struggle between my personal style and the current fashion trends. I settle down on my chair, glue my eyes to the laptop and decide to shop online. Advertisements keep on popping up- Shoemania, herbs for life, donate your eyes, personal shoppers, Incredible India. Wait a second, did I actually see ‘Personal shoppers’? I click on the link and find out to my utter amazement that they actually have professional personal shoppers; sigh, I am so uninformed. Personal shoppers are basically people who help others shop by giving advice and making suggestions to customers. Personal shoppers help customers shop whatever item they choose.


I like the concept but why should anyone hire an assistant for an activity as personal as shopping? For reasons exactly like mine, I guess. With our careers and families becoming priorities, we are left with little time for ourselves and then add to this the desire to look good all the time. Moreover, not everyone is blessed with a natural eye for style. This is where a specialized assistance in shopping comes into picture. Shoppers are aware of the various kinds of fabrics, materials, cuts and colours so they can suggest what suits you the best. We already have interior decorators, make-up artists, fashion designers, grooming experts and wedding planners, so why not personal shoppers? Again, shopping for special occasions is quite a task. With so many designers, couture stores and boutiques, the choices are endless and can be confusing. Personal shoppers can provide the assistance for the shopping keeping the latest trends in mind and blending it with our personal choice. In India, the trend of appointing a shoppeuse for weddings is on rise.

For the shopaholics, it is a dream job which pays you with money and fun. This job demands no special certificate or experience. As long as you are enthusiastic about shopping and can buy those lovely outfits for someone else (because I can’t, I am greedy and pretty clothes make me go weak in the knees.), this job is just for you. But you definitely need some knowledge about various body types and silhouettes; how to examine body features in order to determine which clothing, silhouettes and fabrics will highlight or conceal those features, how to select the appropriate colours for an individual and how to select the appropriate clothing based on an individual’s fashion style so that the clients find clothes which fit them to a T without munching on their time. Not only clothes but also while choosing gifts, jewellery, furniture and even food, a personal shopper might be required.

Praise be to the good Lord that I stumbled upon personal shopping. After all, what could be better than a job which serves to satisfy the shopaholic within you, saves your time and contributes to the economy? Ditching both my boyfriend and best friend, I call up an online personal shopper and ask him to locate the items I need. Of course, it would be a little expensive for my usual budget but I will get to enjoy my beauty sleep.