The Curious Case Of BJP

Posted on January 24, 2013 in Politics

By Akhil Kumar:

In a dramatic and unexpected turn of events, the BJP head Nitin Gadkari has resigned as the party chief after getting involved in a controversy and the ensuing mini- revolt within the party. Gadkari was all set to begin his second term as the chief but that opportunity has now been grabbed by Rajnath Singh, who was elected unanimously. Singh, a master of manipulation, also presided over the debacle of 2009 that seriously hurt BJP.

rajnath singh

While Advani’s differences with the RSS is not a secret and his relationship with Modi is also on rocky grounds, the fidget of fate must have made him happy before destroying his private moments of revengeful gratification. Advani must have thought for a moment after Gadkari’s resignation that he would finally be able to plant his loyal Sushma Swaraj as the leader and make things a little more difficult for his arch-rival Modi; but the RSS has succeeded in following up the post with another loyal. Even though Advani is congratulating him and carrying a happy face, it’s nothing but spin doctoring in my observation.

The gods of fortune have smiled on the BJP though, I would say. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; if he would have been caught up in the controversy after taking charge, BJP would have spent the whole year defending him and refuting the charges instead of concentrating on campaigning for the 2014 elections. It would have hurt the party’s image even more if the tainted leader was sacked or forced to resign midway into the year with the elections round the corner. Now, at least BJP can campaign for the “party with a change” and capitalize on its anti-corruption stand (Yes, it made me laugh too). With a new leader in charge, who has been always projected as the son of the soil, BJP can start its election campaign with renewed zeal and vigour.

Rajnath Singh has few enemies as he has rarely been seen as a blatant critic. Stories of his budding friendship with Narendra Modi, who is being projected as the most probable prime ministerial candidate, have also been in news recently. It is quintessential for the BJP to maintain a perfectly balanced relationship with both the RSS and Modi if it dreams of snatching power from the tainted UPA government. Singh has a strong Rajput vote bank in Uttar Pradesh, his home constituency, and also has potential to help gain ground in the state which is very crucial for coalition government.

The year has definitely started with some interesting developments in the political sphere; we can surely expect further turbulence in the political climate as the election approaches. For now, let us ask Mr. Singh who came to his chamber last night and wept, should we expect another touching story?