Here’s How To Break The Monotony And Feel Alive!

Posted on February 11, 2013 in Specials

By Saloni A Dwarakanath:

Humans have shown an eminent, impressive and exceptional augmentation in the areas explored till date. It sure brings a sense of achievement when we think of the journey from the stage we started to the newfangled situation, but most of the people are so engrossed in the things they do that sadly their life has become a monotone. And this dreariness, regardless of whether it depicts well or bad, has in a way taken over the vivacity that a person is meant to feel.

Feeling Alive

Nevertheless, there are a bunch of moments that always goad us to keep on with the tasks ahead and therefore, it is imperative to realize such actuating jiffies;

– Share one of the most formative experiences of your life with somebody:
Narrating an experience which inspires you is one of the effective ways to get the little grey cells stimulated. Try it with any person you have around. Once done, you will realize it all by yourself as to what it actually does. Make sure you have all your senses into the anecdote to grab and sustain the opposite person’s interest as well as yours.

– Listen to anyone sharing an eventful empiricism:
Now you’re on the opposite outlook, this can be better felt than told; it will either leave you inspired or adroit.

– Talk to yourself in the midst of a beautiful garden:
Believe it or not, at first this is difficult to do. The aesthetic surrounding doesn’t really let you concentrate on yourself but sooner or later you will be lost in your own-self. The rest is not a telltale.

– Think about your parents:
Look at your parents and feel the love that they have given you and the love that you have for them. Try and express/reciprocate it to them. If you’re earning, make a plan and surprise them in any way you can.

– Sojourn a religious place and feel the aura:
When you visit a religious place, feel the surroundings with your soul. It never fails to give you goose bumps.

– Get away from electronic gadgets:
We have become dependent on electronic gadgets; even though it has made our work exceptionally easier at the same time it has made us exorbitantly lazier! Move away from all these for a while (even your phone) and breathe freely.

– Look at the closest refection of your eye in the mirror:
If you have noticed this before, the retina contracts and expands. This represents one of the exciting movements of every part of the human body.

– Dance it out with a smile:
Dancing is said to be the best exercise and also a medicine at times. The best thing is that unlike other exercises and a medicine, dancing isn’t boring. It’s fun to dance and anybody can dance. At least when they’re alone.

– Feel your pulse- the heartbeat indicates you are alive:
This is a common yet the most jocund thing that happens in our body. The heart doesn’t rest no matter what and therefore, you have to keep fueling it with joy. Once you sense the beat, you are complete.

Live a lively life!