Flipped, Flared and Misled: Another SRK Controversy

Posted on February 1, 2013 in Media, Society

By Daphne Clarance:

There’s always a reason when it comes to controversies and the obvious is exemplified to destruct the very sources of succinctly placed ideas or thoughts meant to overlap it. That’s how the entire muddled up situation has mushroomed only to challenge stardom and popular culture. Shah Rukh Khan is again caught up in yet another controversy after a series of episodes since 2008 and before. His neatly and clarity-ridden article in the Outlook Turning Points Magazine has created a buzz amongst political and media hegemonies, only by the way his ideas and sentences have been “twisted” to subjugate the actuality of the article.


The aftermath of the article’s publishing is nothing but a mediocre contribution to a person’s tolerance, dignity and moxie. A man always punished in foreign airports only because of his last name, who is tied up in conversations with tinsel town’s other favourite Khans, who is ladled with a guilt of never entering the IPL League Premises due to a scuffle with a police constable which I guess might not be as true as the hype, faulty links with co-stars, slammed by Shiv Senas for releasing a controversial film like My Name Is Khan, is all nothing but a “difference of perspectives”, as said by the King Khan himself. I am not here to brag about him but now we need to be practical.

“Read my article and then comment”, pleads the helpless Khan. Well, I read it. It contains nothing but his individual dimension of being a Khan and the troubles he has faced for being a Khan not a Muslim. The “unsoliciting” regards given by different authorities has sparked a dislike in Shah Rukh to even consider his providence in portraying exactly the kind of situation mentioned in his article that has become a reality, read with a blindfold. The article in which Shah Rukh mostly talks about his motley family behaviours woven to be as one and the thankfulness towards India for its love nationally and globally, is wrongly stated by media as he feeling unsafe in the country. I don’t really understand what propaganda is the media following, only to extract news or create meanders out a straight road, where are the journalism ethics we so talk about in today’s world. The only thing I can figure out is that creating buzz and controversies are the best source of entertainment brought out by the media.

The best part I liked is that even in such situations Shah Rukh intelligently and truthfully responds with witty comments and feedbacks. Unfortunately, even those answers are further put to question and so the entire conversation concludes with no comments or apologies.
Indian stardom frequently undergoes controversies. Is it because of the extra glamour that media treats them with, which makes political leaders jealous? Or maybe just an off day for media houses? Shah Rukh’s article describes his own Muslim identity and how it has linked him with other stereotypical Islam related issues.

Now seeing opportunities we have Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik demanding the Indian Government to offer SRK security and as ironical as it sounds, even Lashkar-E— Taiba Chief Hafiz Saeed, invited SRK to live in Pakistan if he feels unsafe in India. We all know the matter. When it comes to safety of a Muslim identity, Pakistan flocks to wrap its wings around which I’m sure even SRK reacted cynically to. But like always, after a tussle with media walas SRK had to announce what he actually meant. It’s like paraphrasing after a passage is read in a textbook.

Well, that is what the media has done, it has flipped his perspective, flared the saucy topping and misled the statements. And this is exactly what SRK has talked about in his article. To be in a better society, achieve heights, eschew from political chains which can pull him away from his passion. What he knows is that he loves his country and there is no place safer for him than India. I guess that’s the irony about this entire controversy, what he talked about in the article is exactly what is happening.