Mera Beta Toh Doctor Hi Banega: Where Do Aspirations Stand In A Country Obsessed With Grades?

Posted on February 4, 2013 in Education

By Pratik Mantri:

“Beta, what do you want to do in the future”?
Every student has faced this question and most of them find it uncomfortable. Some of the celebrated career choices for the stereotype parents and uncles still remain Chartered Accountancy, Engineering, and Medical studies or may be MBA in recent times. A kid at a very tender age is forced to go for the choices made by his/her parents or any elderly person in the family. It only happens on rare occasions that they are asked about their choices or allowed to pursue the career of their interest. Dreams and aspirations are still looked down upon as overly ambitious.

We Indians have this fascination for creating a security for ourselves and our families and to make that happen, dreams are traded with other things. The era of cut throat competition in education for marks and grades has not helped the matter. Even if a student harbours a dream, the competition and the external environment brings the intensity of pursuing the dream down. Traditional career choices still attract popularity because of the security of the job which it brings with it, while following dreams and aspirations look risky to many.

Cut throat competition and the rat race have meant more pressure to perform and deliver than ever. But there can be many reasons for this system of not going after dreams. One of the significant reasons could be financial security. For a kid with a weak or a moderate economic background, simple education and attaining a job after that assumes a lot of importance than following interests. In this scenario, a life free from economic constraints after facing a lot of those in the earlier stages of life is a huge achievement in itself. Another reason can be social status and image in the society. Parents force their wards to go for career which would enhance their prestige. Upbringing of kids also has an effect on the mindset of students. If the parents themselves subscribe to the theory of following dreams and aspirations then it’s relatively easy for those kids to go for the career of their choice.

But times have changed with more and more students going for their own interests rather than following stereotypes. The trends and the mindsets have changed and this is always a positive sign. There won’t be any regret in life if one goes for the choice he/she aspires to go for. Also, following your dreams brings out passion and enthusiasm which is simply unparalleled. And with that there is also the sense of satisfaction which brings a lot of joy and pleasure to both- for the individual and his/her family. In this situation, there is no burden to perform, which in the process brings out the best in any individual. It’s just about expressing oneself and many times brings out the uninhibited nature of the person. Opting for your dreams also fosters innovation with new thoughts and belief systems.

But above all, the parents and teachers have a very significant role in nurturing the dreams of young kids. Many times it has been seen in the past that parents force their kids to submit to their choices. This should not happen. Being open and candid with kids about their career will not only ease the pressure on students but will also help to improve the bond between parents and children. Teachers at any level need to explain their students the necessity for developing and nurturing those dreams with sincerity. They also need to motivate the students and show them the right way. A more positive and an approach which promotes art and extra-curricular activities from the teachers and the school will help. And if the teacher-student relationship is open, then it can work wonders for the student.

At the end of the day it’s the student’s call whether he wants to go for dreams or not. It is very difficult to opt for dreams especially if you and your family are not on the same page regarding your career. But the happiness of achieving what you dream of is unmatched. The path is full of hardships but the result will bring smiles and much more.