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Welcome To The New Youth Ki Awaaz: More Action Based And More Mobile

Posted on February 27, 2013 in Youth Ki Awaaz news

Welcome to the new Youth Ki Awaaz, or as popularly promoted, Youth Ki Awaaz 2.0. After a month long testing and changes, we’re excited to launch a new platform that delivers a better experience and strives to seek more action. We are even more excited to launch India’s first and only dedicated youth line for youth opinions and reportage – 09310952952. (Special thanks to KooKoo Cloud Telephony)

2-1More Visual, More Social, More Action based and Mobile

Much has changed since we launched our last redesign.

When we were building the new Youth Ki Awaaz, we divided our focus over 4 crucial things that truly define how young people showcase their opinions, and how they need to pick the right light.

More Visual:

The Youth Ki Awaaz community loves to focus on issues and to drive mobilization around them. We realized, that it was not entirely possible in our last format, and it needed more clarity and focus on the content than anything else.

Thus, taking a strong stand, we did away with all kinds of advertisement and other distractions from the site.

Now, when you read your favourite piece on the site, the entire focus remains on the content and nothing else. Moreover, content now will be more visually impacting and effective.

The stories in the Featured Today section will be a mixture of the stories that our editors believe are very effective, or ones that need instant attention by the community, or campaigns that aim at mobilizing and engaging young people over a common cause. Our homepage will focus on latest stories rather than categorical placement of stories, which will now be found under the various menu options.

More Social

The Youth Ki Awaaz community loves to share. Moreover, we want you all to play an even more important role on the website, thus, we’ve brought in two brand new features which will surely make it easier for you to engage with us – in depth.

easy sharingWith our redesign, our entire focus on content pages has now moved to content creation, and content sharing only. With easy sharing Facebook and Twitter buttons throughout the pages, the platform will now lay heavy focus on sharing and virality of issues we take up on the platform.

Youth Ki Awaaz has also brought in a major development this year on the platform. Users and readers are now given the ability to join the platform by logging in and setting up an account on Youth Ki Awaaz using their favourite social network – and gain access to their very own personalized Action Hub.

[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]sign-in[/symple_column]
[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]action hub[/symple_column]

Setting up of an account allows users to submit and track their contributions, actions, campaigns and get personalized recommendations on content and topics that might interest them.

It also allows contributors to have better branding for themselves by adding a profile or biography in their content.

While this is a big advancement in our web platform, be assured that users can still submit contributions without logging, in through our submissions page.

More Action Based and Mobile

This year, Youth Ki Awaaz has gone two steps further and launched India’s first and only dedicated youth line for young people to talk openly and freely about the issues they are passionate about, their opinions on local, national and international issues, or report their localized issues and mobilize a community and action around it – simply by calling 09310952952.

The service does not require one to have a smart phone, any application or internet access. This service works no matter where you are and what are you doing – all you need to have is a very basic mobile phone. Youth Ki Awaaz Mobile service, accessible by calling 09310952952, makes it even easier for anyone to speak up.

2-3Additionally, Youth Ki Awaaz has taken a more action based approach towards the coverage of issues. This year onward, we would be encouraging our contributors to suggest community driven solutions to the problems and issues they are passionate about, so that we can work closely with them and help them achieve a solution for the same, or any other level of action.

The idea here really is to empower anyone and everyone to seek action by using social media to advocate for their issues and opinions. If a student in a top engineering college in India can fight against laws restricting female mobility on campus – using our platform, we believe that anyone and everyone can use the same to power and light up actions.

Hereon, Youth Ki Awaaz will work more on an impact based model where we would treat every piece of content as important and actionable, and will engage more and more people to spread the word and take action.

We’d love to hear from you on what you think of all that we have started! Please write to us at Do test out our mobile platform by calling 09310952952 and recording your message.