Six Reasons As To Why You Are Unemployed

Posted on February 18, 2013 in Specials

By Sonakshi Madan:

One of the main things that leaves the talented graduates with a spinning head is what needs to be done to get down to the interview table, nobody wants to create a mess. Despite having a degree, great skills and an excellent personality with a gifted mind, sometimes it seems like a Herculean task to get an interview call.


If you are one of those who is wondering why you fail to get to the job that you desire intensely, here are the few reasons that might be holding you back.

One of the main hurdles in this age of cut-throat competition is getting to the top of the pile of the resume. A large sector of people don’t know how to give employers a reason to hire them, a large chunk of people fail to reveal what actually they can pour into the company. An enhancement is required to present you as the prolific candidate for the job before the recruiters. Applicants fail to adequately highlight themselves as a candidate that might instill that perception in the mind of recruiters in just a few seconds. Lack of a powerful resume is the most basic problem faced by talented candidates that undersells your skills, abilities, experience and talent. The first firm step towards a secure and successful career is an effective and convincing resume.

Today’s generation fails to reveal their real talent because of their lethargic nature. A candidate should mold him/her into the employer’s dream candidate. There is a need to portray your skills to the recruiters and for that there is a need to prepare yourself for every challenge. There is a need to work out everything, right from resume preparation to cracking the interview with all your might.

The most common problem faced by almost every second person today is a lack of devotion till the accomplishment of the task. People start the task with excess of zeal and vigor but the same fire almost exhausts midway.

4. UNABLE TO IDENTIFY THE AREAS THAT DEMANDS INDIVIDUAL SKILLS: Applicants fail to analyze the real areas that requires elevation. A candidate finds it difficult to figure out the sections that call for your skills.

5. FAIL TO ADAPT TO THE FLUCTUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: In the current scenario, a need to adapt to the changing state of affairs is crucial. Applicants fail to keep pace with the status quo and lag behind in the race. A candidate should be completely prepared to meet all the upcoming challenges.

6. JOB SEEKER FAILS TO SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT JOB: A candidate should be well acquainted with the jobs that match his/her caliber and interest. A right job search by the job seeker is of utmost importance so that he can demonstrate his/her skills efficiently and expose his abilities to the company. Assay, research and investigate the job that suits you best.

It’s not just the lack of job opportunities that causes unemployment, but the employers are looking for someone who is the master in his/her trade. They are looking for people who can work in all kinds of stress and conditions, and not just work but work hard.

The idea is to sell yourself, to show your worth.