The Ultimate Sutra Of Security

Posted on February 14, 2013 in Politics

By Madhur Gupta:

There are three policemen for every VIP and just one cop for every 800 people in this country!
So what? Doesn’t a Kashmiri apple need better modes of preservation than the ‘langda aam’, in this case VIP’s being the elite apple and the ‘aam janta’ being the literal and figurative lame,blind and mute mango people?
Going by mathematical calculations which I am no good at, the life of a single VIP is supposed to be more than 2400 of the ordinary mass (1cop/800men and 3cop/1VIP). And why shouldn’t it be? Aren’t these super important people supposed to be the indispensable and selfless servants of our society? Wouldn’t the apocalypse dawn upon our land if some fanatic decides to slap our V.I.P for hurting his otherwise senseless religious feelings?

VIP security-India

No, neither will that VIP die nor will the apocalypse destroy our earth. What will die is the bloated ego of that senseless person who now thinks that he has every right to be rash and disgusting and yet be protected if somebody tries to correct him.

Don’t consider me to be biased towards VIP’s but do tell me one thing- did Mahatma Gandhi or Rabindranath Tagore need even an ounce of security throughout their lives? No, they did not because they were the real selfless and devoted servants of the Indian society, unlike the paan chewing, porn watching, babus who have all the power these days.

It is true, that to follow a code of conduct and protocol we need to have a resplendent showcase of our Indian police force and we therefore must allow such steps. But then again, is it right that in order to portray a powerful image globally we must sanction such things? Also weren’t simplicity and somberness what our nation happens to be known for worldwide?

A massive amount of security is needed only by thugs who have a fetish for power and often indulge themselves in gang wars with a direct implication that their own personal and precious lives are in danger and therefore their castles must be secured by umpteen cops. Three is far too less a number so let them have at least twenty guards. And unless a bill is passed for such a motion, we the ‘aam aadmi’ must strive to protect our beloved leaders by offering ourselves in a platter of literal and figurative lameness, blindness and dumbness.