Has Ram Singh”s Suicide Been Of Any Help?

Posted on March 13, 2013 in Society

By Daphne Clarance:

It hasn’t been long since an incident shook entire India that was shackled in its own bigoted norms. Sadly, the norms still prevail. And by scrutinizing the details, the whole stereotypical mass, yet, will stand with a lathi to straighten the wrongs of the ‘evil-doer’ of the society. The recent news about one of the Delhi gangrape accused, Ram Singh’s sudden suicide hasn’t brought much relief or disappointment. Instead, it’s a parallel of the two feelings together. It’s a sort of injustice to the victim, I must say. What really bothers me is that the news continuously flashes his case of depression and anxiety that led to this perplexed incident. The most secure jail in India cannot secure its prisoners, is a matter that bothers all.601389_10151564414502160_1074238065_n

Ram Singh knew he had to die. The victim’s parents couldn’t have left him alive in the luxury of a jail. He had to pay a price for the crime he had committed. But not like this. Just before his trial he found the satisfaction of hanging himself. However, this entire story of suicide cannot be trusted upon. A CBI probe has to be conducted to reveal the true nature of this incident. Ram Singh’s lawyer declared that he had no depression or frustration. Well, what the heck, I don’t care what went wrong with him; only that he died the wrong death. I know I am nobody to judge, but sometime opinions need to be set. The race of Nirbhaya’s struggle is still on. Her full sacrifice will only be declared when every convict is punished, even the juvenile.

Why is it that this nation always treats the deserving with improper justice? Instances can be located by the Aarushi Murder case, Ruchika Molestation case and Jessica Lal Murder case. Proper justice immediately has to forgo any pity or sympathy. Ram Singh’s suicide has disturbed the balance that should have been the other way round. Justice in India is like a lapdog only obeying orders and nothing else. Justice is blind but not so blind that the right has to be judged again and again. The incident actually coughed out a large amount of youngsters and women to protest but only protests cannot shake a mountain. Ram Singh’s suicide has brought the government on trial to solve the mystery and give justice to the victim. I will say, that the true justice to Nirbhaya’s struggle can only be delivered when words like rape, molestation, sexual harassment are terms rarely used. That day seems to be out of the picture. But it shouldn’t be out of sight. India has a long way to go in changing the thought process of its citizens; after all age-old traditions cannot be snapped in a moment. I don’t know whether Ram Singh’s death is justice for the victim’s family but what I do know is that its fair- only time will decide the outcome of the unforgettable incident of 2012.

My only opinion is that every convict must be punished so severely that no other man can dream of this heinous crime. Well, the game is on. The rest five are left to complete the order of their punishment.