Here Are 7 Pocket Friendly Eateries In Delhi/NCR That You MUST Visit

Posted on March 8, 2013 in Specials

By Rini Sinha:

Post three years in college and a fixed (read: tight and limited) pocket money allotted per month for all your expenses, one tends to keep their eyes and ears open, on the lookout for affordable, yet hygienic eating joints. I reveal to you, my discovered gormandizing paradises of the Delhi/NCR region.


Vaango– When it comes to South Indian food, the first restaurant which strikes my mind is Vaango, unlike Sagar Ratna which is popular with the majority. The soothing, yet vibrant decor of green and yellow pleases you when you enter the restaurant. While the safe players can choose from a wide variety of dosas, utthappam etc, the experimenting taste buds should definitely try out Appam and Ishtew. End your meal with the perfect filter coffee.
Meal For Two- 2 Main Course + 1 Beverage (Between Rs 250/- to Rs 300/-)

Kamal’s– While it is easy to locate a haven for non-vegetarian lovers, a pure vegetarian joint is always a rare find. And I recommend Kamal’s as one of them. Located in the posh Sundar Nagar locality, it is an open-air restaurant, or a sophisticated dhaba with excellent hygiene levels. You can see your kebabs getting grilled in front of your eyes. Must-haves include Aloo Tikka, Mushroom Tikka and Paneer Tikka, all of which are accompanied with yummy green chutney and onions. What I found the best about the food here is that it neither goes heavy on your pocket, nor on your stomach. End your meal with a heavenly kulhad of lassi!
Meal for Three- 3 varieties of tikkas + 3 rotis + 2 lassis (Approx Rs 350/-)

Brahmaputra Market– Welcome to the modern street-food locality. Surrounded by residential apartments on all sides, Brahmaputra Market is renowned in Noida for the amazing non-vegetarian street food it has to offer to its customers. From Chicken Tikka to Chicken Shawarma, Mutton Biryani to Egg Roll, Momos to Tikkis, you name it, and you’ll get it all here.
(Rs 300 would fetch you a minimum of a plate each of biryani, 2 varieties of tikka, rumali roti and shawarma. Affordable food just got redefined!)

Karim’s– I know this is a cliche’ Hindi saying but “Karim’s ki toh jitni tareef ki jaaye, utni kam hai”. When the rickshaw bhaiya drops you near Karim’s Gali, opposite one of Jama Masjid’s gates, for a moment you’d wonder if you really are in the right place. When you enter, you’ll find yourself in an aangan, only to be led into one of the restaurants by the helpful waiter. Whether you have the tikkas or the biryani or the paaye, in no other place will you find the unique flavour of Karim’s.
Meal for Two: Rs 200/- to Rs 300/-

Teasta-The Tea Shop: I wouldn’t be wrong to call The Tea Shop as one of the most often thronged haunts of youngsters in Noida. As the evening sets, the teashop offers to its customers a wide array of coffee,shakes,momos etc. The tea served here comes in a cup as huge as a can of cola. Enjoy a chilled out evening here with your gang of friends over cups of coffee and delicious munchies!
Meal for Two: Rs 100/- to Rs 150/-

Golden Fiesta– You have the Mainland Chinas, the Bercos Gardens etc. for your authentic Chinese. To enjoy a slight Indian twist to the Chinese flavors  partake of Golden Fiesta’s meals. Priced at an affordable Rs 80/- to Rs 100/-, they’re sure to satisfy your Chinese cravings!
Meal for Two: Rs 150/- to Rs 200/-

Cheenos– One place in Noida which is certainly not shady and where no person is denied booze, whether 13 or 33. While it might seem like David Guetta songs are on repeat here, you can plug in your own music on the top floor, which also has a smoking area. Beer is reasonably priced, while other liquor isn’t much towards the higher side either. Go there post 6 to avail the numerous Happy Hour benefits on offer, one of the excellent ones being buy one get one free.
Meal for Two including alcohol: Rs 800/- to Rs 1000/-

So, let’s go munching! 🙂