Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Words Won’t Be Enough!

Posted on March 6, 2013

By Roli Verma:

Since the time Rahul Gandhi entered politics in 2004, there have been discussions about his candidature for being the PM. Even though he is 42 years old now, he is still considered as a ‘youth icon’, someone who could take the legacy forward of the 127 years old Congress. Since congress has been a dynasty in India and Sonia Gandhi is at its helm, it is anticipated that the Gandhi scion will take the legacy forward. However, times change and people might not think the same way as they thought in 2004.The entire scenario has changed. Today, people have awakened from their deep slumber. Not too long ago, politics was considered as a cesspool which would get dirty with every passing year.However,today the youth have taken up cudgels against corruption and injustice to alter the system.

rahul gandhi

Today, people have lost faith in governance and the UPA. Probably, that is why Sonia Gandhi needed the ‘Jaipur Chintan Shivir‘ to brainstorm strategies to lure people for 2014 national elections. Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the no 2(vice-president) of the party. The party thought that ‘change’ is the buzz-word and nobody could have been a better harbinger of change than him. However, one thing was overlooked, that its 2013 and not 2004. We have seen Rahul Gandhi’s achievements all these years. Visiting a few poor households can melt hearts for a few days but can’t built an image as a ‘good’politician. A good politician works selflessly for his countrymen rather than his party-men. His emotionally evocative speech talks about radical changes and revamping the system. But, where was he when the country was talking about changing the system? During Jan Lokpal bill issue and the Delhi gang-rape, when ordinary citizens came to the streets protesting against the system and demanding change,where was he ? Why could he not stand up with the people then? Was he waiting for the ‘chintan shivir’ to recite his well-rehearsed speech? If so, its an alibi that he is not interested in the betterment of the country.

Electorally,he has not achieved much. Though he has been leading the NSUI and youth congress quite impressively, however, that experience is surely not enough to lead a country as the PM. Despite rigorous campaigning in states like Himachal Pradesh,UP, he lost the elections. It showcases the lack of trust in him. If people can’t see him in a state then how can he head the country. Just because he is Sonia Gandhi’s son doesn’t make him capable enough for the most coveted position in the country. Today’s youth believes in meritocracy rather than dynasty. We believe in implementation of policies and not in emotionally charged speeches. So, we request Rahul Gandhi to act in his capacity rather than just talking!

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