Why A “Happy Women’s Day” When For The Rest 364 Days We Are Terribly Unsafe?

Posted on March 13, 2013 in Society

By Neha Shetty:

A quick read of the title might have already made you guess what this write-up is all about. Day-by-day, the cases of harassment against women are escalating rapidly. This hoists up a very grave question whether women are really happy today? Do women deserve to be happy only on Women’s Day and be haunted by thoughts of getting molested for the remaining 364 days?

women in metroIndia is a country which was once counted as a topmost nation in the virtue of respect towards the female gender. Many countries used to look at India as being the ideal country for women. But this honor is no more suitable for our nation. Though, women and men walk shoulder to shoulder today in many facets of life, I fail to understand why the mentality of a majority of the men remains so lagging. Why are the evil minds becoming such a bitter hurdle in the road way of women development?

Females of almost every age are going through crimes like acid attacks, sexual harassment, dowry, child marriage, female foeticide, domestic violence, etc. Latterly, we get to hear of a new case of rape or molestation almost each day. It is not just a tormenting experience for the victim, but also a scary thought that deters the freedom of mobility and thoughts of a free world for millions of other women.

The recent Delhi rape case shattered every human being to the core. The girl died after suffering such an acrimonious attack and her death gave a terrible and shameful jolt to all the Indians. After this episode, a steep decline was seen in the number of women going out freely on the streets, not only in Delhi, but also in other states. Families built up stringent rules for their daughters, wives and teenage girls.

This was what citizens did. But for how long did the effect remain on the Government? Court cases, investigations are still going on. Anti-rape law is still in draft mode and not yet finalized. Our Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram announced the “Nirbhaya Fund” of Rs.1000 crores in latest budget for 2013-14 for women safety and empowerment. But what is the guarantee that the fund will actually be used for the purpose? And is setting aside funds enough? Money won’t solve the problems. Neither mere drafting of laws would help.

Then what is the solution?

I think more than making a law it is the implementation that matters. What is the use if a rapist is actually not given a said punishment? It is irritating that Government is pondering why, Ram Singh, an accused of Delhi Rape case committed suicide, when we all know that death is what he deserved. May be out of sheer humiliation, he took this step which our judicial authorities should have taken long before. Culprits who are alleged for women related harassments should be shot dead right away when they are spotted.

Giving more substance to actions than words shall prove to be a genuine way out to this delinquent matter. Let us make an appeal to the Government that we women don’t need money or fake promises about safety but what we want is a reality check of where those promises lie. We require such a drastic change in the scenario that wishing Happy Women’s Day really feels relevant and we women be happy throughout the year because we deserve it – don’t we?