Coaching Classes: Instant Success But Increasing Dependency?

Posted on April 3, 2013 in Education

By Ashish Yadav:

John Adams said ‘‘there are two kinds of education, one teaches us how to make living and how to live’’. A coaching class teaches us how to make living, not to live. The coaching system was recently an extra advantage but it has now become the vertebrate of present day education system. Coaching is training, development or teaching of an individual to achieve specific personal or professional goal. But seeing the aberrations in this definition, it is quite normal to ask, whether concept of coaching classes is good or bad in long run?


Every thing/system/technique/technology has its pros and cons, including the rush for coaching classes. Today, the coaching classes have become ubiquitous in the life of students. From being a mere support for help of weak students and providing personal attention and methodological training for their betterment, this system of coaching classes in education has reached to such a level that it is unclear to decide whether coaching system is aiding schools or vice verse, and this is a danger. The present situation may collapse our education system.

The concept of coaching classes is very useful and fruitful in the short term owing to its benefits, evident from the fact that 80% JEE cleared students are from coaching classes. They have a fixed schedule, syllabus, planning, approach, which is spoon-fed into students for generating success, which makes the system successful. Coaching classes provide a convenient path for success and thus succeeding for short-term plans becomes easy for these students.

Seeing the same thing in long-term plans, the coached students lack self-planning, discipline, creativity and confidence. They might have reached the pinnacle of success but lack discipline, management and the ability to do things on their own. The deterioration in the standards of students after leaving coaching classes signifies this. These students always require someone to guide them and show them the way. The qualities of students is continuously declining, as the coaching system has become a prime element of our education system, which yields instant success; but not perfect students. Practice makes one perfect and if students would not be allowed to practice to think out of the box of the constraints, techniques and planning of coaching system, they can’t lead a satisfying life. The reduction in inclination towards the coaching system and the betterment in the present day education system will certainly improve the quality of students that we get and also the youth power of the country with self made firm, good, strong views and beliefs.

Although coaching classes may provide some short term benefits, in long term they have a bad impact, decreasing the quality of students and making them inefficient and dependent rather than making them self confident, powerful and self reliable.