I Am The Indian Society, And I Will Not Help When Your Loved Ones Are Dying On The Road

Posted on April 16, 2013


I am the Indian society. I am diverse in nature. I claim to be the world’s youngest and most progressive democracy. I talk about how I am politically aware and want a corruption free government. I get emotional when someone talks about my religion, but no, I am ruthlessly apathetic when I see your loved one dying across the street because they got hit by a truck. And why should I care? They are not my relatives. Go get an ambulance yourself! Or better, blame the Government because you have a Phd. at that one.

A 26 year old woman and her 8 month old infant died on a Jaipur road after being hit by a truck. So? You know I do not intervene. I step out of the class when I see my fellow class mate being ragged. I do not bother to ring my neighbour’s bell when I hear him beat his wife. I don’t even care when a girl is molested in broad day light right in front of me. So how do you expect me to care for this 8 month old victim? The most I can do is sympathise and then go about my way, cause well, I have better things to do than saving a life. I have a movie to catch, may be.

Anyways, I essentially comprise of a bunch of dead people. Dead? Because they are unconsciously living a life full of themselves. They teach their kids not to “get into trouble” when they see a dying man on road. “Get into trouble”, they will. Have a helping heart, they won’t.

Deal with it! You’ve made me the way I am.

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