More Evolution Than A Revolution: How The 5th Space Manifests Itself In Everyday Life

Posted on April 2, 2013 in Specials

By Lata Jha:

We often take the world and our roles in it for granted. There is a certain way things have been, and that is exactly how they will always be. The idea of a revolution is extremely distant, and for most of us, unreal.

That is the mould 5th Space tries to break. We can start looking at the world differently in the ordinary, everyday things of life. In being true to oneself, yet changing for the better in relevant, drastic ways. This reflection that the 5th Space tries to engage the youth in is simple, yet effective and beautiful. By looking beyond the conventional spaces of the family, career, friends and leisure that we often restrict ourselves to, and yet reinforcing their indisputable importance, it creates that alternate space for giving back to oneself and to society. Through internships, field trips and other programmes, the youth gets an opportunity to break norms, question, debate, think and understand for itself.

5th space

In our current series of articles, beginning this week, we look at stories of individuals and how they’ve embraced the 5th Space in their lives, voluntarily and often in unconscious ways. In the varied attempts they’ve made to understand themselves and the world better, we underline ways and methods that are distinctly 5th Space.

The revolution doesn’t always have to come from that march you undertake with a lighted candle on the lonely road. It comes from evolution and sensitization in the simple deeds of everyday life. In the better understanding of issues, in the moulding of character, in the fact that you take a call for yourself. Not really as unreal as it would seem.