“Our Present Mentality Is The Worst Culture In The World”: Delhi Rape Quick Views

Posted on April 21, 2013 in Society

Vishakha Dahiya:
Delhi, the capital of India. Rather, the “rape” capital of India. This feeling of utter disgust is beyond what we could possibly express in words. We can never fathom how a victim as young as 5-years-old is struggling through it. We worry about hundreds of national issues like female foeticide, dowry, and child marriage. You should now clearly know the reason why it has cropped up. It is not because of the rape cases but how females are treated and thought of, in our country. No strict actions against the rapists, is a great motivation for those who attempt to do such inhumane activities. What I demand from my country, is a promise to come forward forgetting all the political or social differences and join our hands to fight against this. We have to get this social disgrace out of our roots.

Shruti Chaturvedi:
Dear Men,
I hope to find you all in good spirits and health. Or maybe not. Because I am not. I have no energy or light to write a rebellious anything. More, because all such posts in the past didn’t make any sense because evilness is being edified every next day.

Coming to the point, dear men, you are really dear to me. I have admired a lot of you since my childhood. But since some months I have been looking down on all of you. A few wise women had told me, “Mard hote hi aise hai.” I had ignored them back then. But after continuous rapes, Nirbhaya case, Ahmadabad’s 2-year-old girl’s rape, the recent 18 year old girl’s rape and a black-spot on humanity by the rape of a 5-year-old girl now, I dislike you all. I get a feeling that I should reconsider the wise women’s statements. I have lost the count of all rapes happening and being shown on the TV and written in newspapers. But my disliking for you is increasing daily.

I do not want to turn into a woman who sees every man as a potential rapist. I do not say all men are rapists. I have realized that writing on ‘Society needs to change‘, ‘Hang the rapist’, etc. won’t make any sense. Because they never did. I am not pleading or putting my gender on a weaker front, because we aren’t as we don’t rape. Blaming government, police, etc. will also not help either of us. Hence, I request you, because you are the only hope left.

Please don’t rape any one. Please don’t make sexist remarks on any women walking past you or sitting next to your table. Please ensure that your friends, sons, brothers, nephews, neighbour’s sons, your office mate, your school mate, the paan wala, the peon, the boss…please ensure they too don’t rape. Please tell your buddies who entertain such things to stop at that moment because it really isn’t a cool thing to do. Some of them might point you as impotent or a cry-baby because you aren’t indulging in the fun they are having. Don’t ignore them. Tell them they score 100 times more on impotency score than you because they find rapes and objectifying women interesting. Ask them to get a life. I do not want to hate you. Please make me feel safe when you are around. Please earn your respect in my eyes back.

Your fellow-mate on earth,
A Woman.

Sadaf Haroon:
Just wanted to highlight that how diverse is the society we live in! Friday morning, I saw small girls being served delicacies for Ram Navmi and on the same day in the evening I got to know about a little 5 year old, brutally raped by her neighbour. She was an innocent girl. A baby! She didn’t know the difference between wrong and right and that man raped her? Kept her in bondage for 4 days! How can people be so insensitive? I feel like running away from this country. Elections are near and we all should vote for the ones who can dispense correct justice. If that 5 year old can be raped then you too can! Speak Up or be the next!

In a country where women are considered Goddesses, in a country which speaks highly about its culture, in a country which accommodates so much diversity, in India is anything worth praising for. The sex ratio of India is so skewed. People have sex determination tests and if they find out they are having a girl child they kill her. For what: Remember your wife, mother, sister, friend everyone are females only? What if everyone kills the girl child? Men of this country who proudly protect their sisters and mothers, what happens to you when you see someone else’s mother or sister? Aren’t they important to someone else too? Rape is the most pathetic thing ever. In most scenarios the girl survives but the impact the rape leaves her shattered for the rest of her life. And then the rapists come with their excuse She was dressed provocatively or she was asking for it. Even if a girl is naked it’s her choice and that doesn’t mean she is inviting for rape. Even if a girl walks alone at midnight that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of her. Then tell me about the rape of the 5 year old. Was she dressed provocatively? Was she hanging out alone late at night? Was she out with the wrong friends? These are all just excuses to make rapists feel fine. And Indians who proudly boast about their so called culture, I say countries without any cultures are better if they know how to treat their women. Whatever our past culture maybe we all got to accept our present mentality is the worst culture in the world.