The Hypocrisy Of The Protesters: Abhi Ye Sab Nahi Karange To Kab?

Posted on April 24, 2013

By Tanuj Rawat:

One thing that has gained momentum in the aftermath of the Delhi gang rape case is the number of cases being reported against eve-teasing, molestation and rapes. Women have become more conscious. At this moment, it won’t be apt to comment anything about the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 and how far will it be able to prove itself.


Already, there had been a lot of cacophony on how to curb this menace. People suggest educating people. But how will it work ?

I’m all surrounded by students who boast of themselves as educated. These are the very people who went in protest at India Gate for Damini. These are the civilized people who updated status on their Facebook profile incessantly, condemning the gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a city bus. These are the people whose blood boils after reading the slightest news even about eve-teasing. These are the scholarly people who want to decapitate every person who has molested any women. These are the knowledgeable people who disseminate for long on how they can deter sexual crimes . These are the advanced people who are against patriarchal, and misogynistic culture.They show their sympathy to every rape victim, and volunteer to make India a better place.

Travesty lies in the fact that these so called educated, knowledgeable civilized, advanced and well cultured people are themselves involved in making women an object of desire. They enjoy when a women uses her body in ads to lure customers. They take pleasure in visiting a girl’s FB account searching for their photos, scrutinizing their complete bio-data,doing a research on it, sending inappropriate messages to unknown girls. They stare at almost every girl’s face, and at her private body parts, discussing about them, comparing and rating them. Every evening they will pass through a girls’s hostel, every night they will go to canteen just to admire their sexual organs. They make silly, stupid and asinine wisecracks on seeing any girl, to make their friends laugh at her. These people are also involved in spreading sexual rumors, making sexual comments or offers while pretending to be someone else online. They have a philosophy which states that we are living in an age of Munni and Shiela, our thinking should starts with girls and end with girls. They put forth the notion that this is the age when we can voyeur, when we can enjoy all this stuff or make sexual jokes, gestures, touch, grab or pinch any girl. Abi yai sab nahi karange, too kab ?

Truly, we need to introspect, all of us, on how we are contributing to the objectification of women. What kind of citizens we are trying to become. But one thing is concordant with facts that we are just literates who can read and write, or better to say literate animals.

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