The Return Of The Rapist (Starring, The Untamed Phallus)

Posted on April 30, 2013 in Society, Specials

By Sohini Chattopadhyay:

Now that the hue and cry about rape is back in limelight in the media, I decided to focus on one of its aspects, to keep alive the spirit of it being kept in public discussions. My fascination with the beauty of the phallus goes beyond Freudian expectations. I don’t see all men as rapists. Frankly, people, I have friends who might get kicked once or twice trying to save one from being ‘painted and dented’ (yes I thought I might as well use this beauty of a phrase to define rape). But rapists are of a different genre. They are so, because they have the Untamed Phallus.


The Story of the Untamed Phallus is from time immemorial. It is like the cockroach that didn’t evolve much. It is that exception which proves the rule of Darwin. The Untamed Phallus, ‘The Thing That Must Not be Named’, has unmitigated power that allows its owner to believe that it is the light saber that shall help him to conquer the world (or the woman). It makes its owner believe in the virtue of managing to shrink one’s brain into those six inches. It also has the capacity to put all the worldly notions of patriarchy into one tiny penis. And when the hands prove futile in assisting the needs of the Untamed Phallus, random women, nieces, aunts, sisters, daughters, neighbors, posters of females are targeted. In short, whatever the relations (or the lack of it) be, to the Untamed Phallus, every woman is at its service.

The story is tragi-comic. Tragic because the Untamed Phallus does not realize that it is stupid, and the master does not realize that it has a mad, rabid dog stuck in between his trousers. It’s a clinical disorder, I believe, of a high grade. Any man who lets loose his Untamed Phallus should be sent to the asylum at the shortest notice. It is sadly comic, because it is the man who is diseased but society stigmatizes the women as victims. The women he targets are not victims, but fighters who in any case fought valorously before she either succumbed or survived. It is bravery of some sorts against unmitigated untamed madness of a very sad and diseased nature.

Of course, the Untamed Phallus goes on believing that it is the star of the show. With every story of rape talking about how brutal the other untamed ones were, the rest get a kick out of it. After all, brutality is another symbol of the Untamed Phallus’s masculinity, power and ‘cool-dude‘ like control over society. He’s the 90’s Bollywood villain of mythical proportions in every rape story. The 90’s villain is dead. Yet, society keeps him alive by talking about his brutality which is true, but by not talking about his weakness and his diseased mind. The Untamed Phallus needs to be told that it is sick, very sick. And the more it shows its face to the society, the more people will laugh at its sickness, and many more heroes shall be born of slaying it, because someday the role of the ‘victim’ shall be reversed. And that day, is not far away. The Untamed Phallus should start to hide itself.