[Video] Usurping Pasture Land, Emotions, Houses And Graveyards: MHADA Steals Dalit And Tribal Land

Posted on April 25, 2013 in Specials

“There is so much empty land in the neighborhood but I don’t understand why they always pick the land owned by Dalits and Tribals,” says Anand Pagare is a resident of the erstwhile Sayane village near Malegaon, Maharashtra. “It is like they are systematically destroying everything we ever had…including our families and memories. And while all this outrage is happening, not a word of the incident has appeared in the mainstream media”.

Late last year, 25 adivasis lost their homes and farms to MHADA. They are homeless and living in plastic sheds. 50 acres of community pasture land and a Dalit graveyard have also been usurped. But the lowest the development authority has stooped was to cheat a deaf illiterate tribal and get his land signed over to them.

Watch the reality revealed in this video.