[Video] Why Can’t They Fill Their ‘Own’ Water: End Untouchability Campaign

Posted on April 15, 2013 in Specials

We thought water is a natural resource, god’s gift, rightfully owned by all. But this video is enough to change ones perspective. Dalits cannot fill water into their own pots at the water tank. They have to wait patiently until an “upper” caste person obliges to fill their pot for them “from above” (making sure they don’t touch the Dalit or the pots they are filling). The “upper” castes maintain that the touch of a Dalit may ‘pollute’ the water tank. Who gave the so called upper castes the right to frame these rules? Who gave the “Thakur” lady in this video a right to say that “Dalits are not allowed to fill water” ?

Youth Ki Awaaz supports the Article 17 Campaign by Video Volunteers to end untouchability.