[Video] World Immunization Week: Why Early Detection And Treatment Of Pneumonia Is Crucial

Posted on April 30, 2013 in Health and Life, Video

Pneumonia is the single most important cause of under five child mortality in India. Every year around four lakh children die due to this disease. Awareness about Pneumonia is the first step to prevent these deaths. In rural India, health facilities are far away from home,  respiratory diseases are not detected on time resulting in high mortality. The few basic facts about this curable yet fatal disease are as follows:

  • Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, virus and fungus.
  • Bacterial infections can be treated by antibiotics.
  • Viral infections can only be managed.
  • Early detection is crucial for survival.

Today on the concluding day of World Immunization Week, we would like to emphasise a documentary made by reputed health journalist and public health expert Mohuya Choudhuri. It’s a glimpse of the stigma and trauma attached with Pneumonia. According to the latest reports by WHO and UNICEF, India has the highest infant mortality rate due to this disease globally and hence, here’s highlighting the key points through a short film.