[Video]Why Does The “Lower Caste” Label Come With A Set Of Undignified Jobs: End Untouchability

Posted on April 16, 2013 in Specials

While one section of the society sits and talks about what career choices they have and what kind of job interests them, another section is bound to just one kind of work, because they were born with the label of “lower caste“. Carrying away and disposing the rotting carcasses of dead animals is exclusively a Dalit’ job. And while doing their work, they are treated as people who can pollute homes. A straightaway reply from the “upper class” in this video is that, “We don’t give them water because that will pollute us” . Did anybody ever wonder why are Dalits supposed to this work, and how will the so called “clean” people manage if they quit this pre-destined job?

Youth Ki Awaaz supports the Article 17 Campaign by Video Volunteers to end untouchability