Beggars And Impostors: A Personal Account

Posted on May 1, 2013 in Society, Specials

By Bhoomika Aggarwal:

A recent encounter with a woman this afternoon, who was holding a cloth in her hand and asked me to put thousand rupees into it and wish for something, urged me to write an article on the subject of begging in our country. My wish would be granted soon by the grace of God. Though, being aware of such acts of people who try to rob people in the name of God , I refused to give them anything but a man standing besides readily gave her a thousand rupee note and demanded blessings in return.


The most recent form of looting common man is , a group of people come who appear as a family or sometimes a single person comes and tells you that they are from outside Delhi and have lost their wallet and luggage. They don’t even have sufficient money to go back. They sometimes ask you to give them some money so that they can go back.

There are some more beggars, who tell you that they are extremely hungry and ask for money to buy food. I would suggest that if possible, you buy some food and give them rather than giving them money as there have been instances that they may be drug- addicts and would use your money to buy drugs or would rather give that money to their so called “master” who sends them on the streets to beg.

Here, I would like to quote another personal experience of mine. I went to a very famous temple of Delhi. Beggars, handicapped people, crying children is a common site over their. I was standing near a lady, just then a woman who was carrying a child in her arms, came to that lady. The child’s eyes were covered with a white medical bandage and he was crying badly. The poor woman asked for some money from that lady, on the pretext of an eye operation of the child. Coincidentally, that lady was an eye doctor and offered to operate the child for free. She started taking off the bandage from the child’s eyes and to our horror, we found that two live cockroaches were wriggling on the eyes of the child. These are some of the most common and also some new forms of begging witnessed in the streets of Delhi. I am sure most of the readers would have also encountered similar people.

BEWARE! these people are just fooling you in order to urge you to give them some money. They are even spoiling and discrediting the position of those people who are handicapped and genuinely need your help.