Change Looms – Learning and Leadership Journey #Opportunity

Posted on May 22, 2013 in Specials

Are you a leader between 18-35 years, who has started a social change project and wishes to:

· Strengthen your social initiative and learn from experienced mentors?

· Ignite change within to set off an inside-out leadership process?

· Deeply engage and work with diverse youth leaders?

· Contribute to youth development in your communities?

· Bridge the gap across social divides, including gender, class, caste and religion?

If so, then Change Looms — Learning and Leadership Journey may well be the answer for you! Apply now!

Pravah and Commutiny — the Youth Collective believe that young leaders working to bring about social change are rarely recognized and do not have adequate support systems or visibility to share their inspiring work with the public. They need platforms through which they can learn from each other and inspire others with their success stories.

Change Looms — Learning and Leadership Journey recognizes and supports young leaders who have started their own social change initiatives in different parts of the country. It provides young leaders collective and individual learning opportunities, mentoring, as well as modest financial assistance. Over the years we have an alumni network of approx. 100 members working with young people in 15 different states on a wide range of issues. For more details, see the call letter and fill in and send your form now.

Deadline extended till 31st May, 2013.